Z tried ineffectually to get organised

It was a bright and sunny morning when I went out, but cold and grey again when I came home a couple of hours later. I’m by no means warm enough. I rummaged in my wardrobe for a jacket this morning and came up with one I bought from a second-hand clothes stall some 20 years ago. It’s grey, Marks & Spencer, and I remember the reason I bought it was because it was nicely tailored and hand-finished. Even then, I thought hand stitching on a chain store item was pretty good, and of course you’d not get it, even for a lot more money, now. I wore it a lot for years but it’s had a decade’s rest so it seems new to me all over again.

I had a few spare minutes during the music lesson as the teacher had to put together all the recordings of the pupils’ work. They were told they could watch a film or play some music in the practice rooms. Every one of them chose the music, gratifyingly enough for the teacher. I used the time to make a list of what to take tomorrow and what to do before I go. It’s turning into a busy day. I’m becoming quite twitchy about it. Not that I need to be exactly, but it won’t be easy to buy things I forget. I left paint in the cupboard under the sink – I don’t see why the tenant might have thrown it out, but I’ll be a bit scuppered if he has as you can’t buy useful things in Islington on a Sunday easily. Chapel Market still has practical shops, but I don’t think the paint shop will be open. Woolworth’s closed to make way for Waitrose (still not opened up when I was last there a few weeks ago) even before the company folded.

It was lucky that I booked my return ticket for Monday and not Sunday, as I have been rung by the firm doing the energy efficiency check. This is a new certification that the government has just brought in. One has to have gas and electricity safety checks and a good thing too – I’ve no problem with that – but this particular one is a bit pointless. And expensive. Anyway, they haven’t been able to contact the present tenant, so finally got hold of me. I said I thought it had been done, since I’ve already had the charge on my credit card bill. No pleased about that but there’s little point in making a thing about that. I said I can be there on Monday morning only, so they are sending someone round.

4 comments on “Z tried ineffectually to get organised

  1. Dave

    Do enjoy you trip to the Smoke. Glad it’s you and not me – I really don’t like London very much.

    Norwich, on the other hand, I quite enjoy.

  2. Blue Witch

    “Even then, I thought hand stitching on a chain store item was pretty good, and of course you’d not get it, even for a lot more money, now.”

    How do you think all those sequins and beads get sewn on tops? Exploited Indian women (and in many cases children) I’m afraid, sitting in the sun hand-sewing for half a grain of rice a week.

  3. Z

    Indeed, you do appreciate that wasn’t the sort of thing I meant, but a reasonably fine wool, tailored and finished by hand. This jacket dates from the days when nearly all M&S stuff was made in this country (their advertisements said 85%, I think) and most of the rest was made in Israel, as was this jacket – in the days when Israel was more of a freedom fighter than a bully.


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