Z prepares to be Blasted Out of Her Seat

Tonight, I’m off to see a school play. That is, a performance of We Will Rock You, which will be loud and extremely good. The school has great music and drama departments and they put on very professional productions.

Anyway, I have been at a governors’ meeting all afternoon and didn’t get home until after half past five, so I just shoved a pizza in the oven and have chomped that so that I won’t be all tired and listless by nine o’clock. I was pondering whether to go by bike (in the dark and the cold, woe) or by car (and not be able to park for half a mile) but the Sage has offered to drop me off, so that’s all right and I celebrated with a couple of glasses of wine, which has picked me up somewhat.

Time to go. Toodle-pip

8 comments on “Z prepares to be Blasted Out of Her Seat

  1. Z

    That is a splendid idea, BW. Mind you, I do have special dispensation to park my bike by the school gates when I can’t be arsed to ride the extra 50 yards to the bike shed, so maybe I’d be pushing my luck.

    In fact, I cadged a lift home with a teacher who lives in the village.

  2. Z

    It was frozen, not home-made, Dave. More than casual, it was quite slapdash. So was buying chocolate cake for the Sage and Ro, to make up for my lack of preparation and my absence.

  3. Dave

    I must admit that Saturday nights, usually, I treat as a rest-evening, and so lay aside my hours of toil in the kitchen and have a frozen pizza (to which I add a few toppings of my onw).

  4. Z

    I detected the tongue in the cheek, Dave. I’m impressed by the usual hours of kitchen toil though. Won’t be long before you’re scrubbing those home grown veg for dinner!

  5. Z

    And there was I thinking that you’d be expecting more than a sandwich for lunch after hours of directing operations in garden wall-building.

    I’ll go and put away the recipe books.


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