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I have looked up the guest list from the first blog party.  Very supportively, all my own family came along, and so did Dave, Mike and Ann, Chris and Jo, Rog and Mrs Rine, with Lily and Oz and their Mini-Mes, Bill and his missus, Sarah, and Sir Bruin and the Small Bear with Errol the Sheep.  I’d only met Dave – obviously, as he was wall-builder in chief, and, briefly, Rog, previously … that isn’t quite correct as I’d met Bill a time or two, when we were in our teens, as my parents were friends of his though we youngsters never got to know each other.

The weather today has been slightly better than on that occasion – chilly and windy, but not so windy as it was then.  Blog parties have been a bit later in the year since then.

This year, we’re going to have a party two weekends running, which is my idea of fun.  It’ll be young Rusty Rufus the Red’s first birthday the week before and Ro phoned this afternoon to ask if they could hold his family party here.  It’ll just be a tea party and there will be a time limit as LT and I are off to the Aldeburgh Festival in the evening, but it should be fun.  I haven’t seen Dora’s siblings for quite some time.

Since I’m talking about the blog party, I’d like to start to firm up the guest list (sorry, what an awful expression) before too long, especially in regard to people who will be staying over.  So far, I’ve a bedroom definitely booked and another probably, with a bit of doubt whether it’ll be for one or two.  Two more rooms to go, then it’ll be the sofa or a camp bed somewhere, or else a tent in the garden.  So I’ll start to ask in the next couple of weeks, because I like to give at least a month to the question of the menu.  I do love planning a party.


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