Home and catching up

We’ve been away in Devon, staying with my in-laws and meeting LT’s nephew, nieces and their family.  It’s been lovely and they’ve been as welcoming to me as my family has been to him – which is very welcoming indeed.

Although I’ve driven through Devon, I’ve never stayed there for more than a night and it’s beautiful, as many of you will know.

I’m in London again tomorrow and abandoning LT in the evening too, to have dinner with girlfriends, so will have to catch up with you all over the weekend.  I’m very glad of having had such a lovely holiday because there are various other things that are horrid.  Not for me or my or LT’s families, but I’m writing more letters of condolence than anyone wants to and there are more to come.

It was lovely to get home to a warn welcome from Eloise cat, who jumped straight in the car and snuggled up, purring.  And five barn cats were waiting to be fed this evening (not the mother, she only comes occasionally now and I suspect she’s found the loving home she deserves) and the little chickens are well and happy, though Roses has got them expecting mealworms in the evenings.  Hmm…

I have a padlock to be ordered.  Everything here is looking wonderful.  See you soon.

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