Z thinks about food (so what else is new?…)

We had an errand in Beccles, so decided to have our more-or-less weekly lunch out over there, and visited the very good restaurant over the Spanish deli.  Or whatever the Spanish for deli is.  And it was just as splendid as we remembered, though we hadn’t been there for some months. On the way, we’d called in at the fish stall on the market in Yagnub and bought some squid – we’d initially thought of a stir-fry but they were quite big, so LT suggested stuffing them.  I knew nothing about this, but turned up a Jane Grigson recipe – it must be said, the process was rather more time-consuming than we’d thought and it was nearly nine o’clock by the time we sat down to dinner, but it was certainly a success, ink and all.

Talking about food, as we so often do, we thought we rather fancy curry goat, so we called in at the farm shop on the way home and bought a piece of shoulder.  I have cooked goat before, but never curry – but Tim has, so he can teach me.

We must sound very greedy and I suppose we are, though I think it’s more about quality than quantity.  And only because we really enjoy cooking.  The year or so that I was alone, I cooked quite obsessively, just for me, though I was at that time relatively thin and variety and health were rather more interesting than how much I ate.  I don’t think it’s obsessive now, though, just enthusiastic.

4 comments on “Z thinks about food (so what else is new?…)

  1. Kipper

    It makes a big difference when cooking just for yourself compared to cooking a meal for your sweetie. Plus having their (asked for) suggestions and help makes it a delight.

    1. Z Post author

      You’re right – though, having spent decades cooking for a number of people in the family and taking all their preferences into account, cooking exactly what I wanted, when I wanted, had its own appeal too. When I didn’t feel like cooking or eating, I didn’t. But, given the choice, cooking with my sweetie is the best!


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