Z needs emojis on the Razorblade

I’ve received all the money except one cheque, which will be handed over to my colleague D tomorrow, and paid all the vendors.  I haven’t yet worked out all the expenses, but that will be done in the next day or two and then, apart from one client’s china which he won’t be at home to receive for a few days, that’ll be that for the rest of the year and I can put china to the back of my mind until January – unless I have enquiries, of course.

I found a picture, the other day.  It was in a brochure in fact, and on the back was this picture, of my father, back in the 1930s, in his speedboat.  It was an action photo and was taken by a Daily Mirror photographer and  published in this brochure with their permission.  He looks so like my Alex, it caught my breath.  I would love to show it here and on Facebook but it belongs to the Mirror, I don’t know if they would give permission and I will get around to  asking, sooner or later.  I’m glad to have it.  He was very keen, in his twenties, I have various trophies (tankards and steins) that he won in competitions.

Dilly and the children called in this afternoon on their way home from a party that Squiffany had been to – it was actually a cookery lesson, which was  a rather good idea for a 13th birthday party.  They made pizza from scratch and, to follow, fruit, chocolate and marshmallow kebabs.  Squiffany is a bit worse for wear at present as, playing netball, a bigger girl accidentally tripped her up and then fell on her and she has torn ligaments.  She heard them tear *horrified face* and it was extremely painful.  She couldn’t walk and the school was going to phone her parent – “not mum, she’s teaching.  Phone dad, he will finish work first.”  They were able to help her hobble on the school bus and Al picked her up from the bus stop.  She’s quite cheerful now, though she misses all the sport and dance she’s used to (I have no way of relating to this – at her age, being somewhat incapacitated for a time would simply have meant more reading time and – hoorah – a reason to be off games).

The whole family is coming over for lunch next Sunday.  LT observed that I love it, having everyone here – yes, I love to feed lots of people and when they’re all my family, that’s best of all.  A blog party is right up there, though.

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