Z the Dragon

I spent all day at the school, and sat reading for half an hour while munching toast and Marmite on my return home.  Gosh.  How do people manage doing it full-time?  Though I suppose I did for thirteen years. I was young then, of course.

Anyway, I was accosted by one of the staff, who wants me to be a Dragon.  I agreed, of course, though secretly a bit daunted.  I’ll rise to the occasion though, I’m sure.  The Business and Enterprise (or whatever, I can never remember the names of everything) group are putting together business plans as a project.  Our business manager will also be on the panel.  Should be fun.

In music this morning, one of the four groups didn’t have anyone willing to sing – which meant that it wasn’t going as well as it might.  So I became their vocalist.  I know, it was absurd.  Singing I Predict A Riot accompanied by five teenagers young enough to be my granddaughters.  Still, I took the view that I can’t expect them to overcome inhibitions unless I’m going to do it too.

I didn’t know until recently that the popular shortening of Juliet is now Jelly.  There are two in one year at the high school.  I rather like it, I must say.  In this afternoon’s class, there’s a Z and a Weeza, which is a first – though she prefers Ellie, inexplicably.  I think Weeza (her actual name, that is) is lovely and she likes it too, although I do sometimes call her Ella, or Weeza of course.  Although Dilly, Dora and Phil are noms de blog, my own three children are called by short versions of their actual names here.

That reminds me, what is blog in other languages?  Or is it a weblog in every country?

18 comments on “Z the Dragon

  1. Christopher

    Un blog here, un bloggeur (generic) or une bloggeuse if the author is known to be female.

    So you can be Z la bloggeuse as well as Z le dragon. Both breathe fire occasionally, but only when severely provoked.

    And as I’ve undertaken to include the word ‘fundamental/ly’ in all my comments today, here it is.

  2. Z

    I’ll rely on Mago to corroborate what you say, Eds. Or not. I refer you to Christopher’s definitive answer to the franglais version.

    Dave, darling, you may not be aware that Squiffany is not an actual name either. I really am Z, of course.

    I was the first person they thought of apparently, Sir B. So it seems that it is. The Head says that he takes cover when he sees That Look, which I’m gratified by.

    Next lesson, the performances will indeed be recorded. If it goes on to YouTube, it will be announced here. I predict it won’t though.

    I like Jelly almost as much as Weeza (whose full name Dande knows)

  3. Eddie 2-Sox

    My Grandad was a weeza, but that was mainly down to a lifetime digging coal underground and his penchant for pipe-smoking. He was rubbish at hide and seek because you could hear where he was hiding.

  4. Z

    *makes note for working lunches next year*

    *remembers there aren’t going to be working lunches next year, crosses out note*

    If you said to your Grandad ” ‘Ello, Weeza” then my daughter would think you were talking to her, Simes.

  5. Roses

    It’s good to know you instil fear and awe without having to work at it. A necessary trait when dealing with children and professionals, I’ve found.

  6. 63mago

    In German “Blog” made it already into the Duden, the series of standard lexica for orthography, grammar, etc.pp. It’s mostly “das Blog” (neutrum) but “der Blog” (masc.) is also in use; Duden prefers the neutrum. Male author is “Blogger”, female writer is “Bloggerin”.


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