Z the domestic goddess

I’m not sure if I’ve done things on my to-do list, but I’ve got a good many little jobs done today, which eases my mind.  I’ve written minutes, checked other minutes, contacted several people, booked annual gas tests for my flats, changed landline provider.  If I can check the gas in the tank tomorrow and, I expect, order more, then I’ll be doing well (and ready to start on the list itself).

When I was with Irene last month, she wanted a new diary which I bought for her as a present. I bought one for myself too, not for appointments (I use my phone, so that it can be backed up on my computer as I’m a self-control freak) but for regular payments and so on – MOTs, insurances, gas top-ups etc and to note when I pay bills and how much they are, and when I receive my income and how quickly I spend it.  Although I paid a lot of the bills – my share, that is, because I tended to pay the big annual ones and Russell dealt with the weekly and monthly ones – he never let on how our income equated with our expenditure.  We seemed to rub along, was the best I could ever come up with.  I actually have little idea which side of the Micawber line I’m likely to fall.

I will be bucking the system, however, in that I shall receive a pension several years earlier than I expected.  I’m scheduled to get my old age pension at 64 years, 5 months and 20-something days, but now I’ll get a widow’s pension straight away.  This thought gives me no pleasure, but at least a glimmer of satisfaction.  No idea what it’ll be, though.

I’ve had little Rupert spaniel to stay the last couple of days, but he’s gone home now.  At least Ben’s neck has completely healed so he can wear his collar and be taken for walks again.  He’s very pleased about that.  Next week, I must get a friend to let him out during the day when I go to London – my young friend Lena (previously known as Elle, but it seems unnecessary to carry that on) who stayed with us a couple of years ago will be in London with her school and I’m going to meet up with her.  I’m so looking forward to seeing her again.  I’d meant to go and visit her in Berlin earlier this year, but it wasn’t possible because I went to look after Wink when she had her hip op, so it’s a year since Lena and I saw each other.

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