Z rambles, conversationally speaking (that’s sort of tautology, innit?)

I did indeed order the gas, though I was unable to find how to read the gauge on the tank.  I’d asked Al and he said it was on the top, so I got a ladder and climbed up, but I still couldn’t find it.  I feel stupid and will be more so when I’m shown somewhere absolutely obvious.  Still, the person who is afraid to look a fool never does anything worthwhile (though this isn’t one of the more valuable manifestations of the maxim).

I’m glad the Tube strike for next week has been called off, I was expecting to have to walk all over London.  Not that I mind walking, I like walking in cities but I am catching a 9 o’clock train back and I’ll be a weary little Z by then.

I’ve had an email for Russell and a phone message too, so that’s two people who don’t know and whom I’ve got to tell.  I suppose there will be more in the future too, I’ll have to change my habit of the past few years and send Christmas cards (sorry for mentioning the word, I assure you I won’t make a habit of it).  I went out for supper with friends, a regular monthly thing and they’d brought me lovely flowers.  I was quite undone for a few moments, it was so unexpected.  One of our number has not been there for several months – her beloved daughter in law died of ovarian cancer after a decade or more of doing really well and she can’t cope with social events yet, she’s afraid she’ll cry.  I hope she does come soon, it’s better to cry with friends than alone, sometimes.

Not that I’m big on crying if I can help it, I’ve done too much of that in the past four or so years and I think it’s overrated as a stress-relieving exercise.  I end up just as miserable but with a headache and red eyes.  Blogging is far better and much more cheerful.

Tomorrow, I’m mostly interviewing.  For a job, that is.  I must remember to put the black bins out first.  I’ll write it down now.

2 comments on “Z rambles, conversationally speaking (that’s sort of tautology, innit?)

  1. chairwoman ros

    How that 3rd paragraph resonated with me! You are of course absolutely right about being in the company of friends. It’s impossible to grieve all the time, no matter how hard one may try, and enjoying good talk, good food, and, of course, the below the limit glass of good wine, makes for smiles on the way home.

    And to be greeted by one’s delighted furry companion(s) on the return home is, of course, one of the perennial joys of life.

    Now I have rediscovered my log-in, I hope I will comment more frequently.


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