Z thanks her Dishwasher

I’ve been trying to work out how long I’ve had this dishwasher. I assumed it must have been the third one in 22 1/2 years, but I’ve found a guarantee going back to the 90s and have worked out that it’s only the second.

When we moved here, I bought a Hotpoint. It cost in the region of £250 and I paid for a 5 year guarantee. In that time, it had repairs which would have cost about £280. It lurched on for another year or two before it packed in completely (one time, it broke down, full, on Christmas Day) but it was certainly enough to put me off that brand for life.

That means that the current Bosch dishwasher has lasted me, with very little problem at all, for about 16 years. It’s only in the last few days that I’ve had to rinse cups etc before putting them in, normally it is fine, though recently not quite as good as it was. I remember buying it on the recommendation of friends who had been bemused to see how little I could put in the old one without washing quality going way down. I use it pretty well every day, sometimes twice.

So this one owes me nothing at all, and I’d be perfectly happy to buy one again, but Blue Witch, who does her research SO THAT I DON’T HAVE TO (thanks ever so, BW, xxx) says that Bosch and Siemens are owned by the same company but the latter is now better made.

I have been looking, so far, at models at the price I’m willing to pay (the JL website is useful for that because it gives a lot of information) and there seems to be little if anything to choose between them for energy and water consumption, noise and the various features.

If you’ve come here doing your own research, don’t rely on me, I know nothin’ about nothin’ (it works better in a Norfolk accent). Go to one of the websites that does this sort of thing properly. Except, that I’ve been looking myself and what they don’t mention, because they’re reviewing current models, is longevity and that matters quite a lot to me.

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  1. Blue Witch

    If it’s a rinsing problem, then it’s only likely to be the spray arms or the filters that are blocked (have you removed/rinsed/prodded with a long piece of wire all of them?). And put a dishwasher cleaner (or other more natural grease-busting product) through on the hottest wash?

    There’s not much else in a dishwasher to go wrong if it’s still heating and drying OK, not leaking, and the baskets are sliding in and out without sticking.

    Unless, of course, you definitely would like a sprakly new one that will last about a quarter of the time your present one has…

  2. Z

    I’ve done that. It’s not a rinsing problem, it’s not washing properly in the first place any more. And the wheels on the runners keep falling off. This is just a nuisance with the lower tray, but when it happens suddenly with the upper one, the whole thing falls down and fishing broken glasses out of the recesses is a pain.

    Indeed, I want a sparkly new one.

  3. The Dotterel

    I’d recommend a Miele, not because I’ve got one (I haven’t – mine’s a Hotpoint!) but because I’ve seen it cope with Christmas at my parent’s house this year – and that’s quite an achievement!

  4. Z

    It may be beyond my price range, Dot. I just don’t feel I can justify spending more than £400 on any appliance, really. Which may be why I don’t have an iPhone, a sparkly new television or a designer handbag.

    Computers and antiques are exempt from this rule. Obviously.

  5. martina

    I’m the dishwasher around here-but if you pay airfare I can be over at Yagnub in a jiffy (ha). I would suggest that you print up what you find on the internet re: dishwasher models and prices. Take it with you when you go to the appliance store. that way you’ll have proof of prices and models you like. Most places here will honor the lower price just to get the sale. I’ve done this when shopping for printers and power tools and other expensive items.

  6. Z

    Time was when the Sage was the dishwasher. Unfortunately, once we had a mechanical one, he lost the knack. I think that bringing you over (and the dogs, of course) would be much better than any electrical gizmo.

    I’ve found that the John Lewis price compares very well to the online ones. I have printed a couple out, however.

  7. Eddie 2-Sox

    I am an excellent dish washer. I would like, however, to buy an appliance to do it for me. Can’t you bully the hubby into doing it for you?

    I heartily recommend a trip to Nnyl S’GniK to peruse the Electronic Dishwashing Mongeries.

  8. Dave

    I don’t have a dishwasher, nor space for one (mechanical, or human).

    Am thinking about paper plates, saucepans and glasses for the new year.

  9. crinklebee

    I’m the dishwsher in our house and I’m hoping that whenever I finally pack in young Frankie will be ready to step into the breach… I can tell you though that we have a Bosch washing machine which is still going strong after ten years or so… only problem is the knob has fallen off the front so you have to stick and twist a knife into the exposed aperture at the front to select your programme. I suppose you can probably buy spare knobs somewhere but we have got usd to this somewhat inelegant solution by now…

  10. Z

    Oh, Simon, you don’t see me as a bully, do you? When I visit that neck of Norfolk, it will be for pure pleasure. Buying white goods is dull. Actually, Tilly is so good at the pre-wash that I hardly need a mechanical washer at all. But she won’t mind a job-share at all and all dogs are welcome. So are you, Jonathan. Plenty of room in my kitchen, as Dave found out when he discovered he had to eat lunch in there.

    Dave, a paper saucepan is a fine idea. Do let us know how it goes. But couldn’t you fit a small human dishwasher in front of your sink? Perhaps while you’re out playing cricket or digging the garden.

    Murph, advice noted. I’d dismissed Smeg on the grounds of cost, but I’m impressed to find they don’t actually clean the dishes but just look elegant. Just like the average Italian chappy, I suppose.

  11. Caitlin

    A bit late to the game here (I know you have your new one coming soon) but I just had to say that my dishwasher is just about my favourite appliance. I worship at the little adjustable feet of my dishwasher (oh, and it’s a Miele).


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