Z tallies the books

I finished the auction accounts yesterday and sent out the last of the cheques.  Having just done so, I received an email from one of the vendors, asking for a timescale on paying out.  I can’t say it was not polite, but it was a little terse – normally with a saleroom, terms are that it’ll take a month or so to pay out, so I took a certain pleasure in writing a friendly email back, saying that she should receive her cheque by Thursday, I know everyone who pays me by cheque so I don’t have to wait for them to clear – her reply was considerably softer.

It’s a load off my mind, that’s the reason I am so quick about it.  I don’t like owing money and I don’t like holding other people’s money for any longer than I need to.  So I sleep better for knowing it’s all been done.  Just a couple more pieces of china to post, one to deliver and two more to be picked up, and then all is finished until early next year.  I’ll note the pieces that have been told me already (yes, I have entries for next October’s auction, about ten or a dozen so far) but I won’t do more work this year.  I’ve earned time off with my lovely husband.

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