Z & LT shell fish

The fishmonger calls on a Monday and I suggested to LT that we bought mussels.  The first time he came to stay here (apart from the blog party) last October, we went over to Southwold for lunch and I had a very good mussel dish, cooked with chorizo and chilli.  So I further suggested a variation on moules marinière, to put in some of the trimmings from our bacon, with chilli pepper as well as the usual shallot, wine etc.

It worked very well.  We’d added a jalapeño pepper rather than cayenne and it lost some heat in the cooking, so probably we should have used two, but the bacon is so good – the herbs and garlic really come through.

Otherwise, a quiet, relaxing evening.  I’m plugging away at paperwork and LT is doing most of the other work around here, but we’re aiming to wind down a bit.  It’s been a busy couple of months.

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