Z talks and types

This afternoon I mostly talked.  To be fair to me, I was asked to.  There was a meeting at the church – we’re planning some improvements, new doors mostly, and also an extension to the churchyard which is nearly full.  We die a lot around here, it seems.  The Sage will be going to three local funerals in three days and I’ll be playing the music at two of them – being friends, I’d go anyway so I might as well be useful.

Anyway, I was making coffee and tea when the Rector came and asked me to explain to the gathered advisors what we want to do.  I was a bit startled, being completely unprepared, but fortunately a churchwarden had brought the notes saying what we’d said we want to do so I had a quick glance at them as a reminder.  So okay, all those poor front-legged donkeys are all down to me, so I went and improvised.  I must say, they were lovely, and extremely helpful.  To be fair to us, we had thought it through, and everything we wanted to do was an improvement, but English Heritage as well as the Diocesan Advisory Council was involved and they can be sticky.  Not in this instance, all advice was constructive and gladly received (I employed my best party manners and no one else was saying much).

Tonight, I suggested after dinner that we do a bit more work on the catalogue.  I was thinking of half an hour or so.  More than two hours later, we’ve just finished.  It was rather more work than I wanted to do at the end of the day (I was carrying bags of onions and carrots about at 8 o’clock this morning) and I am very tired.  Fortunately, the shop will be closed tomorrow morning.  Instead, I plan to go to a lecture about the mosaics at Ravenna.  I have seen them, they’re beautiful.  In the afternoon, I’m having my hair cut.

11 comments on “Z talks and types

  1. Z

    Two of the ladies were in their 90s and the third in her 80s but had been ill for a long time. They deserve their Big Sleep, I think.

    Restful between 11 and 2 only, unfortunately, Dave.

    Pile ’em high, Sir B!

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Dave

    Perhaps the Sage could get yu something from Tiffany for your birthday.

    (Now, if you delete the spam, everyone will think I’m bonkers. Oh. They already do, don’t they?)

  4. Christopher

    This thread has taken on an agreeably surreal nature, “favored by all”, I hope.

    (No reflection on Dave.)

    Ravenna mosaics – superb. Wonderful that they’ve survived, that no iconoclast has ever tried to destroy them.

  5. Z

    I’m afraid it won’t be the real thing, Dave. I’m surprised the spam got through, it’s very similar to stuff that’s been filtered out.

    I feel that “favored by all” in that context should be hyphenated. ‘Also among the piece to be treasured’ doesn’t quite hit the grammatical mark. I’m sure that any of us could write better spam than that.

    It’s worth a trip to Italy just to see the mosaics. They are in astonishingly fine condition, too. Hard to believe how old they are.

    Yes, Simon. I didn’t sleep well. And, towards the end, I messed up the formatting and couldn’t bear to fiddle with it, so I have that to do this evening. I don’t have time this afternoon.


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