z takes to the water again

I became exhausted by 8 o’clock yesterday evening and went to bed.  Sadly, I woke at 2.15 and didn’t sleep again.  I woke briefly around midnight and Jasper was on the bed.  When he realised I was awake, he came up to the pillow and cuddled me for a few minutes, which was so sweet.  Later, around 4, I went and fetched my breakfast.  He was very energetic, dashing around and I remembered that Ronan had said that was a sign of hunger, so I fed him.  Today, he’s been much hungrier than the past few days, so has evidently settled in.

i may have mentioned a feral or semi-feral female cat that lives in the garden and had kittens last winter in the big barn.  She has had another litter of three, outside in a wood pile this time.  This afternoon, I put the chickens away and three were missing,  one has been away for a few days and is either dead or (I think more likely, but then I’m an optimist) is sitting on eggs and will appear in a couple more weeks, family in tow.  Anyway, I went in search of the other two.  I found one of them by the compost heap and chivvied her back. On the way, I spotted the feral cat with a mouse in her jaws.  Then I went to look for the last one and found her because she was being noisy. As I shepherded her back, I heard a loud rustling from the shed near the greenhouse, where Al keeps his beekeeping equipment.  As I looked, the cat appeared looking wide-eyed.  I put the hen away and turned again, just in time to see her hauling a snake out from behind the hedge.  She started to crunch it, though the tail hadn’t finished moving.  I peered more closely, to be sure it was a grass snake and not an adder, and it was, about 2 feet long.  I was very sorry for it, but it was beyond help and I left the cat to it.

id been pleased, earlier, to find a lizard in the greenhouse.  I have newts in the pond too, this gives me satisfaction.

at about 5 o’clock, I had a text from Hannah, inviting me on the river this evening.  She and Sam fancied a trip out.  I scuttled about getting ready and got to Oulton Broad by 7.  It was a lovely evening to be out in a boat and I enjoyed it very much – though disaster struck as Hannah climbed on the boat and her phone fell out of her pocket.  It was in not much more than a foot of muddy water but we couldn’t tell where and there was no hope of finding it.  If you don’t have a smartphone, then you don’t want one and won’t understand.  The rest of us do.

i showed the, the house where I grew up – or rather, there are now six houses, four built in the garden and the original house divided in two and added to.  One of them is for sale.  Of course, I won’t even try to resist looking it up.


2 comments on “z takes to the water again

  1. Sharifa

    What a DAY! As my daughter says, too much nature!! LOL I can’t abide snakes, so when they do show up around here, I tend to go in the opposite direction. Totally understand about the phone loss! *shiver* I get nervous when I can’t even FIND mine, much less dropping it until a watery mess. As to seeing the old homestead, I went back to see the house I grew up in and was surprised by how small everything seemed. *sigh* xoxoxo

  2. Z Post author

    Well, if I lived where there were poisonous snakes that might kill me, I’d be pretty anxious too. I’ve only seen grass snakes here, and that not very often.

    Hannah didn’t go into a flat panic, which was remarkable. I certainly would have. My house was just so different. And, as one house it was spacious but as two, even with additions, i’m not so sure. I don’t think you’d get that much space for the million pounds it probably costs (I looked on the internet, haven’t tracked it down yet. Maybe it is only just on the market).


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