Z starts to reap what she has sown. Tasty.

I had a treat today, though not for good reason, because Squiffany wasn’t well and so spent the day with me instead of going to school.  She’d been sick at the weekend and felt queasy this morning, so better a day off school than passing on whatever bug she’d got.  I’ll be fine, I’m sure, I didn’t catch her brother’s bug.

She perked up during the day and was much better by mid-afternoon, so I expect she’ll be back to school tomorrow.  It was lovely, we don’t often have a chance for a get-together and, at ten, she’s quite old enough for interesting conversation.

Graham and James have done yet more clearing out and my gratitude is deeper than words can say.  I didn’t take ‘before’ pictures and no one would really understand the magnitude of the task that they undertook.  Not that it was at its worst, Weeza dealt with that.  Every kindness – with due acknowledgement that I’m clearly becoming soppy in my old age – is a hugely appreciated act of love and sheer altruism.

I’ve dealt with various bits and pieces today and am now out of debt, hooray – house insurance due at the end of the week and car’s road tax due at the end of the month, and they’re both paid.  No reason to wait and to have to remember.  I woke up the other night, worrying about my tax return, which is a bit odd – I remembered in due course that I’ve plenty of time in hand and what I was worrying about is the current year anyway and I don’t have to think about that yet.

I had the first swiss chard from the garden today, with broad bean tops and an artichoke, plus a lettuce with lunch.  I’m not growing much this year, but it’s a pleasure to have something home grown.  I should mostly keep myself in vegetables for a few weeks, anyway.  Maybe I’ll do better next year.  Though I’m well aware that, if and when I put the house up for sale, I might not reap all I have sown.  Last time I moved house, it was in July and I left a gardenful of lovely vegetables for the new owners.

4 comments on “Z starts to reap what she has sown. Tasty.

  1. Roses

    When I came back from Norwich last night, I popped into the greenhouse and forcibly evicted 5 slugs that were chomping on my squash plants. Not happy I tell you. I’m unlikely to have as many squashes as I started out with…

    Glad to here Squiffany’s feeling better.

    1. chairwoman ros

      Sprinkle some of the visiting kitty’s (clean) cat litter round the base of the affected plants. Hopefully that should keep slugs and snails away.

  2. johng1962

    My Father, (aged 86) received a letter from HRMC saying that this year is the last time he will have to fill a tax reurn in!!
    He shalln’t query it! xxx

  3. Z Post author

    You might have to let the chooks into the garden. They love slugs.

    Really? You mean I’ve only another 25 years to live before … oh darling, I’m not sure i can do it.


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