Z takes heed of advice

AFC 30K helpfully suggested I take a nap. So I did. I didn’t get my work done, but it was far more useful than that – though not quite so enjoyable for Tilly (the dog, Dave, the dog). She was curled up on the armchair next to my desk, when I went and sat next to her…she was pleased at first at the attention, but when I removed her collar, the better to put my head down and lean on her, she became visibly patient for a few minutes, before sloping off to the sofa in the other room instead.

So, I had 15 minutes sleep and then stayed curled up for a little longer until the Sage told me (as I’d asked him to) that it was time to go back and take over from Tim.

Earlier in the day, I’d bumped into an old friend – his son was at primary school with Ro. He became very ill with a brain tumour a couple of years ago, and his prognosis was poor. But he responded well to treatment and, a few months ago, received the news that scans show no signs of cancer, and they still don’t. He looks great and very happy. His son and he were pushing shopping, taking it in turns to look after their niece/granddaughter and we chatted cheerfully for a few minutes. He has been given early retirement from a demanding job on grounds of ill health – “I feel so well now, I’m almost guilty” – “Yes, but if you went back to it, you’d be ill again” – “It’d see me off.”

The Sage came in, kindly, to help me pack up the shop. I don’t think he’d quite bargained on the length of time it takes to count the takings, reckon the order for the next day, phone it in and do the paperwork. He couldn’t leave, as he usually does, because he was giving me a lift. I’d said how strong the wind was – just after I’d got back to the shop, at about 4.20, it suddenly poured with rain for a few minutes, and the wind died right away. Isn’t that odd?

9 comments on “Z takes heed of advice

  1. The Boy

    Advice to take a nap should always be taken. Next to a restorative cup of tea it is one of life’s best things.

    Pity I don’t take that advice often…

  2. Z

    A touch of lexiphania manifesting itself, Dave?

    Boy, you are still young. I have learned to follow good advice, it was one of my Old Year’s resolutions. AFC is wise beyond his years.

    Pat, it’s wonderful. I hope he continues in good health – he certainly appreciates it.

  3. luckyzmom

    Miss my “cat naps” as we no longer have cats. All it would take would be for one of them to jump up into my lap and settle in and soon I would be snoring.


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