Z is irresolute

Your New Year’s Resolutions

1) Get a pet parrot

2) Eat less garlic

3) Travel to Greece

4) Study animal behavior

5) Get in shape with pilates

Thanks to Cinn for this one. I think I’m doomed to fail, however – I want a puppy not a parrot, I think you can’t eat too much garlic, I’m going to Spain, not Greece (although come to that my friends who have a holiday home in Corfu might sweep me up one day – they would have last September if I’d had time). I do continue to study animal behaviour, however, and possibly pilates isn’t out of the question, though I’m still banking on cycling.

Talking of cycling, the wind was so strong today that at one point I had to get off and walk as I was having to stand up on the pedals to make any progress at all. It was equally windy this week last year. I’ve a couple of hours off, as both Eileen and Tim are in the shop today. Just as well, for I have to get ready for my meeting tomorrow morning and my brain is disengaged at present.

19 comments on “Z is irresolute

  1. sablonneuse

    I must be going cross-eyed: I read the first resolution as ‘Eat a parrot’.
    Anyway, no resolutions for me. I know I won’t keep them – I’ve had over 60 years experience of failing.

  2. Malc

    Thanks for that, Z. I did a few of the “quizzes” on the same site and I appear to be a sensitive Australian (!) emo-rocker who needs to do more capoiera. Hell’s teeth!

    And I’d stick to eating lots of garlic and cycling if I were you.

  3. PI

    Do go to Greece if you get the chance – I used to consider it my spiritual home. Have just sent off for the Pilates video.

  4. PI

    ‘Get in shape with pirates is one resolution I might attempt. I’m not sure how though’

    Meeting Johnny Depp would be a good start:)


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