Z takes a taxi

What a brilliant party. I had such a good time, met Tim’s friends and family who were all very friendly and it was so good to see Tim and Mig again and meet Barney. Thank you so much, Tim, and thanks for pouring me into the cab sometime after midnight.

This morning I shall walk back and retrieve my car before breakfast – I know, I’m so hearty – and later I’m visiting friends for lunch. Remarkably enough, these are friends whom I met years ago, long before I started blogging. This year, I’ve seen more of my blog friends than of most of my conventionally met ones – though of course, the last time old friends came to supper, I was off to Corfu with them a couple of days later. Whoever would have thought that sensible Z was so impulsive?

I’m staying in a guest house which has obviously been recently refurbished. My room is not only very clean, but the furniture and fittings have the air of brand newness. I picked it for its proximity to Tim’s house, when I said the name of the road to him he said “ah” in a manner that makes me think that it’s perhaps not the most salubrious of addresses, but I certainly can’t fault this place. And excellent quality sheets and towels, which always give a good impression, don’t you think?

Darlings, I must get out of bed and start the day. The sun is shining, it’s almost as if this was summer. Or rather, the sort of summer where one has hopes of a whole day without rain.

8 comments on “Z takes a taxi

  1. Macy

    D’you know, mid downpour yesterday afternoon up here, I worried that Tim’s party was getting rained on! Glad to hear it was a good one.
    says the perennial party dodger

  2. mig

    Lovely to see you again dear Z and wasn’t it a great party.
    I saw that sunny patch this morning too – but it doesn’t look quite so good now. I’ve got my fingers crossed though as it’s *that* day!

  3. Z

    John, your comment was published and not sent to spam! It was the piccalilli I’m sure.

    Macy, you’re running out of excuses. We will all pitch up at your house if you don’t watch out.

    Im not holding out a lot of hope for the next 40 days, but you never know. And while there are plenty of parties, I’ll be happy. Who’s hosting the next one? Rog?

  4. Z

    A couple of the guests at the party had similar experiences but it was all calm and quiet where I was. Though when I went to fetch my car the next morning, there were two policemen waiting outside the house opposite. I hoped they didn’t think I was just arriving back after a night out.


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