No, really, this is a bit much. I take the weather as I find it normally, but the temperature has taken quite a dip in the past week and now I’m back in jeans and jumpers. At least June was warm and wet. I really rather wish I was back in Corfu.

It’s a funny thing, and I’m very lucky, that my tolerance for heat has actually got better over the years. My mother was the opposite and suffered both in the heat and the cold. It was quite irritating, I have to say, when a lovely summer’s day led to grumbles from her over the awful weather. She could never say “I don’t like this weather,” it had to be that the weather was faulty and everyone else should feel the same about it. So I suppose I shouldn’t say that a cold, wet July is bad in itself. Just that I’m not enjoying it at all. The only good thing is that we haven’t had to water the garden at all this year, or not since I planted out the new flower bed, anyway. And I only bother to say that because I have a great need to find a positive spin to everything.

Back in my teenage years, I developed a sort of allergy to sunshine. I had to be very careful and spend only a short time with my arms uncovered until I’d become acclimatised or else I’d get a rash, a sort of prickly heat thing. This was no great fun at all and quite unattractive, but luckily it only lasted for a few years and I have never had it since. Mind you, I’ve never had much of a suntan in my life. I get back from a holiday – “oh,” people say, “you’re not very brown.” It’s true, I don’t go brown. And I have to head for the shade anyway after a few minutes because otherwise I burn. But I love the heat of the sun. And I love snow. A cold, wet July, not so much.

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  1. wendz

    We haven’t watered either – first because of the hosepipe ban and more recently because of the ever present rain.

    Our garden is taking on an alarming jungle look. M says he is concerned that the strange yellow flowering plants towering up near the compost bin – which we never planted and have no idea as to what they are – are really tryphids in disguise and will gobble him up one day when he is innocently putting out the kitchen waste. 🙂

    I simply feel I am soon going to be covered in mildew. It’s so flipping damp all the time.

  2. Macy

    I’m consoling myself with thinking of the money I’m saving on fake tan and all that nonsense.
    Getting a lot of wear out of my raincoat too

    Good luck with the WV – spam’s getting through on mine even with WV turned on!

  3. Z

    You’ve given up The Sun, Rog?

    I stocked up with too much sun cream before going to India. I hope it’ll keep.

    I think John is back in the spam folder. I’ll go and have a look for him.

  4. Z

    Sorry about that, John. You’re incredibly sweet-natured to keep on commenting.

    1987. Was that the year of the hurricane? I trust history doesn’t repeat itself if so.

  5. Anonymous

    Umbrellas hold back the rain and parasols hold off the sun. Might there be an ‘in-between unfurled devise’ that does neither or satisfies either? – Perhaps, an umbrella/parasol peppered with inch sized holes to hold aloft in all weathers.

  6. Sarah

    I too am fed up with the weather and it doesn’t usually bother me. It finally got to me on Thursday last week, when yet again I traipsed out in the rain to get some food in the evening. I was so down I even bought some big yellow chrysanthemums to cheer me up.

    I’ve given up on the garden – everything is drowning and I’m fighting a never ending battle with the leaves of a nearby plane tree.

  7. 63mago

    I like it, even when I had to pull out my navy Pullover this afternoon – the wind was gushing and the rain was cold. But I love to see the green all around.

  8. luckyzmom

    It has turned cold here today. We had been up in the hundreds for more than a week. I had planned to comment on more posts but had trouble making out the number part.
    This past Thursday I had laparoscopic surgery to repair some hernias on the long incision line of my 1986 gall bladder surgery. I’ m doing great.
    Wishing some of our sunshine comes your way soon!

  9. mig

    My garden has gone bananas (not literally) and things that I usually think of as tough survivors have gone all mildewed and things that I was sure would die over the winter have taken over.
    I seem to be the only one not feeling the cold.

  10. Blue Witch

    It’s ironic that the Americans (who remember didn’t sign up to Kyoto) have high temperatures and drought and we have deluge, due to ‘forces’ misplacing the jetstream.

    I really hope they start to understand sometime soon…

  11. Z

    Well, it is rather nice to have green countryside, I’ll agree there.

    I know, LZM, it is tricky. Sorry. I’ll give it a few more days and try turning off the wv. Glad your operation has gone well.

    It was only yesterday really, Mig, that my stiff upper lip froze.

    When I was in India this spring, BW, it was apparent that the improvement in living standards of a lot of people meant that a lot more natural resources were being used. I don’t see things improving any time soon, whatever happens.

    Simon? I trust so, dear heart.

  12. john.g.

    Zed, I was in a hotel in Covent Garden when the 1987 hurricane struck. I was on the 6th floor and it hit at 1-15am. Wheelie bins flying round my bedroom window!

  13. broken biro

    My brother had that same allergy. I always went brown but now I get weird pigmentation so have to slip slap slop – you probably have lovely skin through protecting it from the sun!

  14. Z

    It was quite an experience, John!

    Sadly, not really, BB, though I’m not bad under my clothes because I’ve never sunbathed in my life.


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