Z stockpiles champagne

The six weeks of family birthdays and celebrations started on the 18th of last month, including all my children-in-law’s birthdays and all the family wedding anniversaries, plus three grandchildren’s birthdays.  And the cat’s and mine.  People have been asking when we’re finally going to get a honeymoon, but the thought of booking a ‘proper’ holiday just makes me anxious, I don’t feel able to plan far ahead.  At least, though, we’ve decided to go away to Pembrokeshire for a few days over our wedding anniversary, weather being agreeable.  And maybe a holiday early next year, always assuming the value of the pound doesn’t drop to even more dismal levels and we just can’t bear the thought!

What we do still find time for is lunch out about once a week and today happened to be the day – it was going to be yesterday, but … actually, we ran out of time.  Heh.  The sun shone in the morning and I suggested we go somewhere we could sit outside.  And we got away with it, just – although the clouds had gathered teasingly by the time we arrived, the rain held off until we were back in the car and the real downpour didn’t take place until three o’clock.  And by that time, we were indoors anyway.

Tomorrow, I’m due to judge the domestic classes at the next village’s gardening club show.  The baking classes are a bit pastryfied this time, I wonder if it’ll encourage people or the opposite.  I must remember to have a very modest breakfast, anyway.


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