That work, dun’t it

Huzzah!  LT finally persuaded everything to work on the new computer, though some of the downloads took much of the day – which may well be down to our slow internet.  Yes, I pay for fibre.  Hmmm.

I’ve been taking it easy for the last couple of days.  Except for a brief spell this morning, when Rose sent a text to say that there was a wire down on the fence on the Ups and Downs.  Fortunately, the cattle hadn’t noticed, so we were able to go down and fix it, temporarily at least, and I’ve let the farmer know in case it needs a stronger repair job.  It’s the fence that’s due to be replaced in the winter.

It’s rained, on and off, most of the day.  Proper Bank Holiday weather – but it missed the Bank Holiday and now the Weather Pixies are probably going to sulk for weeks.  We don’t care, we enjoyed the sunshine.  In fact, most of tomorrow is, apparently, going to be dry at least, which is good because it’s the day that Wince the Gardener comes.  He taps on the door at 9 am and asks if I have a Plan for the day.  Actually, I have.

But for now, I’m tired from having done … um … well, Dave came over this morning and I made tomato relish and tomato curry this evening and … I guess it’s all this clean, healthy living I do.

Apparently, a lot of email addresses have been hacked, or potentially so, and I’ve checked all mine; and two were compromised.  I’ve changed the passwords, so it should be okay now.  I’ve read that really long passwords are better, or at least as good, as complicated ones with numbers and characters and random capitals, so I’ve just rambled on conversationally for quite some time.  And now will have to change everything, on phone, iPads (I still can’t remember where I put one of the iPads), while I still remember it.

2 comments on “That work, dun’t it

  1. savannah

    Glad y’all are getting some sun after the dreary weather! We’re in the middle of hurricane season here, so any day that it’s sunny and not raining makes me happy. On a sad note, I can’t imagine how those in the path of Hurricane Harvey are dealing with the immense loss and devastation there. We’ve been to Houston having traveled by car or flown, so seeing the roads overwhelmed by water has meaning because I know how it was. *sigh*

    It never ceases to amaze me that internet service in our “developed” countries is so damn pitiful! I can’t get fibre optic service out here and the cellphone tower is just far enough from us that we get poor reception on our phones which is why we’ve kept our landline!

    (I just realized that my comment is almost as long as your post! Sorry, darling!) xoxox

  2. Z Post author

    Just heart-wrenching, I can’t imagine either. Nor in the South Asian floods, devastating for so many people. They laugh at us in other countries because we’re so unprepared for snow, heat or a lot of rain, but we usually don’t need to be, and I’m thankful for that.

    Always glad to get a chatty comment, sweetpea, never apologise! xoxox


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