Z still lives. And blogs!

Oh dear. I’ve almost turned into an ex-blogger and I always thought I’d be Last Blogger Standing, as far as the general chatty everyday blog is concerned. I’m too tired in the evening or else I’m talking to LT: I just don’t get to the computer. I should blog in the morning, as long as I can think of something to say when the day has hardly begun.

I’m not sure if I told you, a few weeks ago, about the painting that fell off the wall. We were having breakfast at the time and heard a ‘whump’ sound, as if a pile of newspapers had collapsed. I save newspapers for the local hedgehog rescue, so I thought that was it, but it wasn’t. A while later, Tim came in the drawing room and didn’t notice it at once but then called me through to show the disaster. A rather appealing oil painting of a Dutch river town scene had slipped its moorings, as it were, and slid down behind another piece of furniture, landing with a hard thump on the carpet.

The frame is quite badly damaged but fortunately it’s not the original one from about 1880, which had been beyond repair when Russell bought the painting some 40 years ago. The picture is jarred more than damaged – luckily, it didn’t fall forward – but needs remedial work and there’s no point in doing that unless it’s cleaned too, which is a specialist job and takes a long time. I’ve watched it being done and it takes patience and skill.

Cutting to the chase, I took it to my restorer who appraised it and then took it to the framer. And, with considerable anxiety, I phoned my insurance company. Who just said yes, get it done. Such a relief that I didn’t have to shop around for quotes and that sort of thing. It’s small change for them, but worth claiming for. I’ll tell my broker, because it’ll affect the shopping around next year, but I’m pretty sure I won’t lose overall. I haven’t claimed for anything for several years, and that was for an iPad that Russell damaged accidentally by knocking on the floor.

Anyway, I suppose the reason I don’t blog much is because not a lot happens that I haven’t mentioned many times before. And yet, there’s always something to say if one makes time to talk to friends.

Rose wanted space on the wall in her hall and asked if I could find room for the painting that’s there at present. I can’t, sadly. It’s at least 4 foot long and 3 foot high and, at ceiling height, the bottom of the frame would be at my knees. It won’t fit here and it won’t even go up the attic steps to be stored out of the way; and it’s a family heirloom so I only have it for my lifetime, I don’t own it. So I’ve had to say sorry, it’s a fixture. She’s rethinking….actually, I have had a thought and must mention it to her. Tomozz, darlings.

3 comments on “Z still lives. And blogs!

  1. Carol

    Now you have me curious about what your thought is about the very alrge paiting that Rose would like moved.
    Happy to see you are blogging again.

  2. Z Post author

    Thank you both. I still like blogging too.

    It’s a painting of a lot of society people foxhunting. Commissioned by my great-great grandfather, every rider is an actual person and we also have the key, showing their names. It’s a fine piece and beautifully painted. When I was growing up, it hung on the dining room wall. I would be happy to have it in the house here but, with its low ceilings, it’s not possible. It could go in the hall alongside the stairs, but it’s very heavy and it would take several people, ladders and a platform, to hang it safely. It was hard enough to put on up that’s half its size. I know that Rose would really like the wall space and it’s occurred to me that it might go in a passageway – I haven’t seen her yet, I must speak to her about it.


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