Z is nosey

A few weeks ago, we went to a day of Nadfas lectures. After lunch, Tim and I returned earlier than most people to our seats, which were in the middle of the back row of the small lecture theatre (being considerate types, we didn’t want to disturb anyone by pushing past them), so watched everyone else coming back. Ever since, I’ve been rather fixated on noses.

A woman caught my eye. She was probably a few years older than I am and very chatty and cheerful. She had a big round, plump face (and body, in fact) and was pretty but her nose, while a perfectly nice nose, didn’t quite fit her face. It was small and tip-tilted to the extent that the nostrils almost faced forward. I did wonder if she’d had a nose job at some time. If you remember the actress Susan Hampshire, she was frank about having her nose altered early in her career – I’ve never seen a picture of her before that happened, but her later nose was quite distinctive and pretty. This woman’s was not dissimilar but a bit more piggy. I’m sounding rude and I don’t mean to be, I thought it was rather charming. Anyway, it prompted me to look round at other noses and think how different they all are. I’ve been doing it ever since. I can only hope I don’t stare.

Tim arrived home today after a few days in Reading. While he’s away, my food shopping changes somewhat. Mostly, I impulse-buy vegetables. Just the sight, as well as the prospect of the taste, of lots of different veg cheers me immensely. Tim came back with more vegetables, in fact; specifically big bunches of coriander, curry leaves and a kilo of chillies. I had a kilo of jalapeƱos that I’d grown, which I’ve turned into relish, but while I feel enthusiastic I’d like to make some more. It’s quite an effort because every one has to be topped, de-seeded and shredded by hand, but we do love the relish so it is worth it. Most of the family like it too, so jars will be distributed. I must look for the weekend food supplement from Tim’s paper before it vanishes into the recycling bin, because there were some relish/jelly recipes that looked rather good. A smoky beetroot one (smoked paprika gives the flavour) and an apple and grape one, in particular. This Christmas, the family will receive the gift of luurve – or at any rate, their mother’s long hours slaving over a hot Aga for their gastronomic benefit.

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    1. Z Post author

      My father used to make marmalade and my mother made pickled red cabbage but otherwise they didn’t do it themselves. It’s 30+ years of living in the countryside!


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