Z stays home

The trick to getting started is to say what needs to be done, to someone else. I said it to Rose and then came home and got on with things. Admin and emails, the sort of stuff I put off.

What I haven’t yet done is update the auction facebook and instagram pages, but now I’ve told you, I have no excuse not to do it in the morning. I also need to clean out the chicken shed – I did a good half of the tidying up, the other day, but there’s more to be done to make it all clean and tidy and I’ll do that tomorrow too. I’m not letting them out any more, the avian flu is getting too close. Apparently, it’s now in the wild swan population at Wroxham, which is awful. Closer to home, a farm had it within 15 miles of here. I’m keeping my girls safe, however disappointed they’ll be not to be outside. I’ve been hoping for some bad weather, so that they don’t want to go out for a few days, but rain – when it does arrive – is usually in the evening or night, once they’re in anyway.

It’s been very quiet here today. I received a couple of phone calls and texted Weeza about going over at the weekend, Wince called round to check on yesterday’s bonfire and otherwise I’ve talked to no one but the animals. It’ll be the same tomorrow, probably without the phone calls.

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