Z starts planning for the Festival

I’m supposed to phone the surgery to arrange for a home assessment. This would happen automatically, As If By Magic, with the NHS, but both Weeza and a friend who is a Health Visitor have advised me I’ll have to sort it.

It’s slightly embarrassing. I’ve only got a few segments of spare time. I’m sure it’s not the done thing to say you’re too busy to see a health worker except on a few specific occasions – choice of, that is. It’s not that easy to go back and insert a couple of words with the phone. Much as I appreciate it, I’ll be glad to get online on the computer again.

I’m none too pleased with myself. I had a little nap after dinner. I never sleep in the evening normally, it’s such a staid thing to do. But neither the Sage nor I slept well last night. And Dilly said that nor did she and Al. I think the temperature went up in the night. Seems absurd, a couple of degrees difference when it’s not much above freezing, but four of us can’t be wrong.

This afternoon’s meeting was the Festival committee. The Festival happens in six months’ time. No one can say we’re not dedicated. Actually, I only ever offered to write up the notes. I do my best to steer clear of most of the actual work.

We think the children’s disco has had its day. It’s just a matter of what to put in its place. A Friday evening when High Jinks are planned for the weekend – there’s some money in hand to pay for some entertainment, but it’s a matter of attracting children and their parents. And not being too much work for those who will be working flat out the rest of the weekend. Hmm.

14 comments on “Z starts planning for the Festival

  1. Four Dinners

    6 months time and you’re meeting already???

    Good grief.

    The gig at The Five Bells near me is March 19th and I haven’t even started to sort it yet!!!

    You’re making me panic!!!

    More voddy….

  2. Z

    There are people to book – at that time of year there are a lot of fetes and things, so if we don’t get the bouncy castle and the ice cream van booked it’ll be difficult in a month or two.

    This year we’re hoping for Morris dancers. Won’t that be brilliant?

  3. Z

    Good point, Mago. Over 50 ( though please include me out) or else under 10.

    It hadn’t occurred to me to blame you, Dave. I appreciate your honesty in taking responsibility though.

  4. badgerdaddy

    I know some Morris dancers in your area, want their details?

    Also, as for your assertion that “four of us can’t be wrong”, how do you explain Bucks Fizz then, eh?

  5. zIggI

    I can tell you from very personal experience it doesn’t happen by magic on the NHS. In fact nothing happens on the NHS (in my experience you understand – others may have had more luck!) unless you phone constantly and say, ” I was wondering, wasn’t I supposed to have an XYZ??? hmmm???” I don’t blame them they are trying to do the impossible on little funding. I had to chase my post-op physio (due within 2 weeks of discharge – just before Xmas then) and the appointment for my first visit arrived today, it was for yesterday…

    Children’s discos are still popular at our school but sometimes we call them a ball and that goes down very well, especially when the dress code is black tie!

  6. Z

    Not one of mine, Mago, Sam Goldwyn the film producer (or possibly director) has to be given credit.

    Thanks, Badge – the Rmbrgh ones can’t do it as some of them are on holiday, but the Blthbrgh ones hope to if they can make up a team – if you know of any others, that’d be great.

    And it depends on the four. I’m one of them. Dilly’s another. I rest my case (ooh, that’s better, that was heavy).

    Our surgery is brilliant, Ziggi. I have complete faith in them.

    I used to help out at the discos at the middle school, but that was a while ago – it tends to be proms and balls nowadays at the high school. I’ve steered clear so far. But they hire limos and everything, it’s all made much of.

  7. Z

    Oh, and we’re back online. Took Ro a couple of minutes. I’m plying him with lovely food to remind him of what he’s lost in leaving home.

  8. Ad

    How about a Junior East (right) Angular Factor type thing? Okay, it’s a working title, you get the gist, I hope. I’m sure, along with the singers, musicians, groups/bands there’ll be a gurner and a contortionist amongst them. A good compère should sort it (with their own P.A. of course).


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