Z is looked after

One of the more useful decisions I made in the last few weeks was to buy a phone contract with Internet use. Because I seem to have broken our home internet connection. Ro is coming home on Wednesday evening to put it right (I say with confident trust) but until then, this is all I have and it is, of course, the week I have to get back to work. I’ve spent half the day painstakingly tapping out emails and the rest typing and my eyes have gone a bit funny.

Al and Dilly aren’t so lucky, unfortunately and none of them has Internet at all. I feel very abashed.

I’m afraid I won’t be visiting many blogs until things get put right.

I’ve been meekly taking Good Advice from my daughter again. Zerlina is quite strong-willed already, I’m already forseeing some clashes of personality in six or seven years’ time, or whenever girls turn into teenagers nowadays. Weeza is, of course, right and I have capitulated meekly. If she didn’t love me she wouldn’t care. I have warned the Sage that the house is going to be thoroughly done over on Thursday as complete decluttering is her way of doing housework and, with enormous kindness, she and Dilly don’t want me to be worrying about it while I’m laid up. Bless, as they say. My sister has similar thoughts. It’s only too evident that other people are far more concerned about my housework than I am.

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  1. sablonneuse

    Well, there you are, I don’t visit for a week and now you’re all booked in for the op. Good for you. I had my first experience of an anaesthetic in my back a few months ago and it is strange but not at all frightening or unpleasant so I’m sure you’ll cope with no problems.
    Just in case your internet connection plays up here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Dave

    If they want to come round here and do my housework, once they’ve finished at yours, I’m sure I could offer them a nice cup of tea.

  3. Z

    I’ve decided it’s going to be an awfully big adventure, Sandy.

    Yes, like Peter Pan.

    And thanks!

    I can’t blame the Sage for this one, though it may turn out not to be my fault either. Ro couldn’t see that I’d done ‘that’ much wrong. Do you have home-made Christmas cake on offer? It will take some serious bribery, they’ll already be exhausted.

    What, in a lie back and think of England way, Christopher?

  4. Christopher

    Really, Z! I do think you ought to check your J.M.Barrie quotation and revise it…please!

    Entertain patriotic thoughts while recumbent? A chacun son goรปt. I meant pampered, of course. Why do I tie myself in such knots sometimes commenting on your posts?

  5. Z

    No it’s true- I don’t expect to die. But nor did Peter really, I suspect.

    Simon, I trust this is you. Darling, we’re on precisely the same wavelength. Good job we don’t live together. We’d eat well but be very dusty.

  6. martina

    Are you doing like people do around here? Cleaning up the house before the cleaning lady/help arrive? You deserve to be spoiled and paid attention to Z. The grandkids will probably love coming to “babysit” you, while their mothers help around the house.

  7. zIggI

    Oh good luck Z, I hope it’s a great success, those of us with added metalwork must be very special surely, or is it careless with the original bits ๐Ÿ™‚ ??

    I will be thinking of you.

  8. Z

    I have warned the Sage, and I’ll maybe put some things away but otherwise my shame will be complete.

    I’m putting your dreadful experience out of my mind, Ziggi. After all, the odds must be against two blog friends having a similar allergic reaction.

    Mathematicians need not explain to me the specious nature of that argument.

  9. Z

    I’ve had mine a couple of weeks longer than you’ve had yours, Rog. I’ve had a bit more practice. Helps not to try to touch-type with all fingers though.

  10. luckyzmom

    A comfortable chair with arms to push yourself up and out of, a clear path to the bathroom and the bedroom is all you’ll need to adjust at home. I would never sat no to the cleaning crew, however. They will be highly appreciated later.


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