Z stands back

Governors’ meeting this afternoon.  Just two more to go next term.  I will then stand down from being chairman – though I might, technically, have to start the first one in the autumn.  I’m thinking I’ll carry on one more year and then quit, that will have given me a neat 18 years at each school (though there was an overlap) and then I will retire.  I will have done a decent job.

I want to do some restructuring first, nothing major but I think there is some duplication of effort.  I’ve been too busy, we all have, to step back and look at the whole picture, though that’s usually something I’m quite good at.  I’m jettisoning some duties to be able to do that.  It’s like the structure of a tree in winter, the clear anatomy, as Roy Campbell put it.  I should add that this poem had a brilliant first stanza and then went right downhill, in my opinion.  Almost into wigeons winging westward territory (a Saki joke, and if you haven’t read Saki’s short stories then why not?  Do it now!  They’re free to download, even).

That reminds me of what a peculiar person I might be.  A teacher, a governor and I were talking after the meeting – what about?  Er…. history was mentioned, it was a history teacher – anyway, I found myself quoting an entire poem.  I know, darlings, I’m so sorry.  But the point was that it was a pocket encapsulation of the king in question and Who Needs More?  You can’t wait?  You couldn’t possibly imagine I wouldn’t tell you?  Reading it now, I nailed it – but it’s a very short poem.   I restrain myself generally, but I often think in quotes, it’s the result of a misspent life with my head in books rather than looking about me.  I’m reading again now, but in my spare time rather than obsessively.

I have fish in the fridge for dinner, but I might have eggs instead.  I haven’t told you about the result of my shopping trip, have I?  I will tomorrow because, of course, a story hinges around it.  Too much to tell you about tonight.  And the next day, I’ll tell you about my latest venture.  Unless something else happens and it’s put back.

I think I should go and eat.  I’ve been to pick some spinach, so it’s eggs Florentine tonight.

2 comments on “Z stands back

  1. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! Back at last. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. Axity mostly, but I think I’ve dabbled in the other six since Monday. I tell you, that’s a tidy poem there. I don’t know Mr. Campbell at all, and I only know of Saki, so clearly I must. try. harder. As for school, they’re so lucky to have you, but I’m delighted you’re reducing your role. In my rarely-humble opinion, Z needs more downtime and less stress x I’ll have to pop up very soon =) Love, Indigo x

  2. Z Post author

    I’m finding it impossible to keep up with all my favourite blogs at present. I agree with you about the downtime!


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