Z sorts out her Diary and is still Gung Ho

Okay, plans for the week change a bit. Al has now got The Bug. Ro and I, the only ones unscathed by it, are very nervous. Trouble is, Al has a shop to run and Eileen is still on holiday. So…I’ve a free morning tomorrow, so I can go in early and set up and stay to work with Tim, because Monday mornings are often busy. He can manage in the afternoon, when I’ve a trip to the blood donor clinic and then a haircut booked and then I’ll take over again for the last hour or so and pack up. Right, that’s sorted.

Tuesday, I can cancel the morning appointment; the afternoon one is a bit more tricky but it can go too. I’m supposed to be doing food for a meeting in the evening, but I can always do it … er…. oh, never mind, it’ll be fine. Wednesday isn’t too busy, so Tim can spare me for an hour or two for another meeting. I’m free in the afternoon. Thursday, I hope Al is better and he’ll have to be on Friday because I have something on at 2 o’clock that I’m needed for – a school thing that’s confidential but has a time limit and statutory conditions and, while I personally don’t matter, it’ll be awkward to find someone else.

If I’m ill, I suppose I’ll just have to not eat and drink, because that’s what causes the problems. I’m relying heavily on alcohol to keep me well. I’ve drunk all the wine (except the good stuff and the raffle prizes) so have moved on to gin. Unfortunately, there’s no ice and no tonic. I used sparkling apple juice, which was a bit sweet so I added the juice of half a lime; this made it taste a bit odd so I added another slug of gin and it seemed to improve it a bit, anyway I drank it.

Update, 11.15 Alex came in a while ago to say he feels better. The Sage gave a hollow laugh after he’d gone, saying that he felt better each evening for 8 days, but there was a severe recurrence of symptoms in the night (actually, he didn’t say all those words, as he doesn’t speak like an 18th Century pedant, but I’ve added the last 11 of them to explain what he meant). We’ll see what happens. I hope Al’s optimism is rewarded.

7 comments on “Z sorts out her Diary and is still Gung Ho

  1. Ernest de Cugnac

    “I’ve drunk all the wine (except the good stuff and the raffle prizes) …”

    What?? Ah, I think the penny has dropped. The raffle prizes are bottles of wine *you* have won, and since they were donated for that purpose, there are certain to be utterly foul. And must thus be left strictly alone. Did I get it?

    And presumably will go to the next raffle??

  2. Z

    Hello, Ernest – you are quite right. And in theory they will go to the next raffle but in practise, I’m not quite cheap enough to give a really dodgy bottle, so it might fester in the back of the larder forever.

  3. Z

    Well I thought I would, actually, Dave. But I was thinking of some smoked salmon sandwiches too. After all, quite a few of the people there will be clergy, who should be looked after caringly.

  4. Id Entity

    So…He doesn’t speak like an 18th C pedant, he just needs 11 of them to translate for him…sounds like an interesting man. And a large house you must have.

  5. Z

    He didn’t really need to add the rest of the sentence as I’d been there at the time, but as you hadn’t it might have seemed a bit cryptic. Like Yoda why do you speak, I wonder?

    Dandee, I’ll provide large jugs of water too and see what happens.


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