Z flexes her fingers

I went in for the papers after church and arrived home just before 9.30. The Sage was on the phone being sympathetic to someone (a friend of a friend; we’ve met her sister but not her) who has come over from California to visit her mother who is very ill. I was on the way to the kitchen to put the kettle on when the other phone rang. It was Andy, who was due to play the organ at today’s 11 o’clock service. “I’ve just been called out,” he said dolefully. “I’ll play, no problem,” I said. He’s an undertaker – well, someone has to be and he’s a very helpful one, but he’s often on call at weekends. My mother died in the early hours of a Sunday morning too, and the undertakers arrived by 10am, only a couple of hours after I rang them.

So I’ll be off again as soon as I’ve had breakfast, to run through the hymns before everyone else arrives.

The good news is that the sun is out. It broke through the clouds shortly before 9.10, as I was on my way to fetch the newspaper.

3 comments on “Z flexes her fingers

  1. PI

    We are on our second beautiful day – and more to come – fingers , eyes – everything crossed.
    I suppose the days – in my childhood – when the deceased lay in the front room with the curtains drawn are over; after the administrations of the local-layer- outer that is.

  2. Z

    Gorgeous hot weather here too, Pat – yes, we could do with some lovely summer weather for a few weeks.

    My father came home and lay in the study for the week before his funeral, but that was nearly 40 years ago and it was unusual then – also, it was January.

    Friend of a friend – that’s a kind thing to say, thank you. Sometimes, I admit, good nature is the best I can muster, but I’ll aim for joy.


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