Z smiles

It was a lovely day. I’ve never visited Windsor before, except for the station, which is very posh as you might expect. What I particularly liked was the understatedness of the castle – fabulous pictures on the walls, mostly unmentioned in the audio guide. Such as, I was strolling round a room and suddenly said – “Good Lord, that’s a Rembrandt!” Unlabelled … well, do you label the pictures in your house? Neither does the Queen. And the room matter-of-factly full of Van Dycks and Holbeins. And the wonderfulness of the restoration after the fire.

Another particularly enjoyable aspect was the company. I sat next to the husband of a friend and he was very interesting to talk to. A bit decided in his opinions, but I like that.

I went round the Castle and had lunch with another friend, whom I got to know better in the time. Her beloved sister died last autumn, having suffered from Alzheimer’s, and we talked about her, and about my mother, and about her niece who will take time to recover from it all, and about ourselves. She is a dear, kind, wise person, which I already knew, but now we know each other better too.

I also chatted to the coach driver, Keith, who loves his job. I do enjoy people loving their job, don’t you? Enthusiasm is a pleasure to hear about and makes for an interesting conversation.

I phoned half an hour from Norwich and again from the petrol station (not one of the ones selling petrol that seems to have damaged cars) to say when I’d be home, and a splendidly grilled sirloin steak, baked potato and purple sprouting broccoli were being dished up as I walked in the door. Furthermore, after yesterday’s post, I found that they had put aside a bowlful of kedgeree for me last night. Not where I could find it, but the thought was all, and all is benign and cheery in the Z household.

And so to bed.

Well, in an hour or two.

7 comments on “Z smiles

  1. Wendz

    Oh it sound slike a lovely lovely day – imagine being in the Queens house! Cool.

    And that steak – I haven’t had one for too long and shall rectify it tomorrow.

  2. maggie

    i admire people who love their jobs. i have heard so many who are sick of it.

    and yes, being with someone who is as enthusiastic as enthusiastic can get is a nice thing. it does bring good aura.

  3. dharmabum

    from the very title, this post is such a joyful account. keep smiling, dear z!

    have always wanted to see the Queen’s living place, especially after i heard my mother talk about it when i was all of 6. thanks to u, i see it through your eyes.

  4. Z

    Not in her private apartments, of course, but the state rooms that are used for banquets and receptions, as well as rooms that used to be used for private audiences and have been kept furnished as they were. Charles II was a keen art collector as was George IV.

    The driver has been doing his job for 28 years and this is the 16th with the same company. He likes the variety and going to interesting places – they do a lot of trips abroad. He also likes the people he meets.

  5. Z

    It’s a good time of year, before it gets too busy. Though if you want to walk in the Great Park, you might want to leave it a few weeks unless you strike it lucky with the weather.


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