Good for ginger

It’s been a spring-like day today. Sunny, as was yesterday, but much warmer. We all went out to work in the garden. Al weeded the herb bed, the Sage and Dilly started weeding the asparagus (last year a whole lot of little perennial nettles got a hold and it’s going to be the devil to eradicate them) and Squiffany and I worked in the greenhouse. Pugsley supervised. Much as I would have liked to give him a job, he can’t sit up on his own yet, so he was excused.

I sneezed when I came in for lunch. I felt the prickling behind my nose that indicates a threatening cold. I only had one mild cold last winter so I was none too pleased to start the spring with one. I immediately squeezed two oranges and drank the juice, poured hot water onto chopped ginger with some honey and drank it and have asked Al to bring me home two chillies which I will eat in a salad with onion and some of the chickpeas which I presciently cooked a couple of days ago. I will also drink whisky* in medicinal quantities. I trust that the rheum will take the hint and leave. I have not, at any rate, sneezed since.

My little girlie and her beloved are home this weekend, just for tonight and Saturday. I’ll probably do an early meal tomorrow evening so that Al and family can come as Squiffany’s bedtime preparations start early. Usually, she has her tea first, then bath, books, cuddles, bed, are done by 7 or half-past and then Al and Dilly start making their own meal, but we can all eat together for a change if we do it early enough. I’m thinking of lasagne at the moment, but this plan may change in the next 24 hours.

*Yes, Maggie. You’re quite right.

There was a gorgeous sunset last night. I took photos from the coach. It wasn’t actually as dark as it looks. There was, afterwards, a beautiful full moon. I love the moon and the night sky.

3 comments on “Good for ginger

  1. maggie

    z, hahahaha! yes, reading half of your past post alone can already give me the confirmation.

    i love sunsets. i always did, will always do. i love them better than sunrise(s). and a night out on a full moon is just sooo lovely, dont u think?

  2. Z

    Maggie, on New Year’s Day 2000 I was standing on the clifftop at a nature reserve in Suffolk toasting the new century with coffee and a bacon sandwich as the sun came up.

    But otherwise, yes, I love the evening sun, even though I’m an East Coast girl. I remember when the comet Hale-Bopp took a few weeks to pass by – it was such a pleasure, watching it every evening at dog-walking time, seeing how it moved in relation to the stars.

    Jen, the cold is on the retreat. More ginger and chilli this morning.


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