Z slept all night!

I spent quite some time this morning writing an update to my solicitor.  That’s another thing that’s been waiting in the wings for a while.  i’ve given him the valuations I have so far and told him what I have yet to do.  Eloise and I had a rather fraught day a couple of weeks ago getting cracking on things I’d been neglecting, we were both upset in the end, but it turned me round and I can cope with paperwork again.

By the time I’d done that, I was running a bit late for Zerlina’s carol concert.  I had to look up the address of the church, put the postcode into my phone and set off – I ended up cutting it fine, by which I mean 15 minutes before the service was due to start and behind the three coachloads of children.  Weeza had warned me about that – however, it was the best possible place, as I was able to park behind a coach and right outside the church.

It was as lovely and heartwarming as these occasions always are. Zerlina saw us and gave a little wave, when she was among those who volunteered to fetch the crib characters – she carried a cow.  The younger children did a Nativity scene and everyone sang and we all loved it.  Afterwards, we scooted out and were among the first to get away, so were not held up at all by numerous cars, at least one stuck in mud, trying to get down a single-track road.

I went back to Weeza and Phil’s house, where the builders have done a lot since I was last there, I’m not sure how long ago.  I think it was in September, as they have been so kind and come and helped me here most weekends.  It’s looking lovely, all the new bedrooms are now ready to be decorated.

This evening, I put up the Christmas tree.  I haven’t finished decorating it, as I ran out of hooks for decorations – it’s a lot bigger than those we’ve had in the last few years and, while I have plenty of decorations, I don’t have anything to put them up with.  And I’m now down to one set of lights, which look a bit sparse.  I’ll finish off tomorrow.

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