Z sleeps again

Another one-and-a-half hours. A pity that it was between 1.30 and 3 am, and that this was my total night’s sleep. I woke because I’d been lying on my hand, which had gone dead, and by the time it was revived I was wide awake. Ho hum.

The Sage has gone off to the dentist to have a new crown fitted. He’s a bit gloomy.

I am too, as I had a sniffy reply to my mollifying (I’d hoped) email of yesterday, which included the phrase ‘my principles will not accept the wool being pulled over the Committees eyes.’ It wasn’t. I’ve written again, setting out details that I, fortunately, jotted down yesterday and evidently he didn’t, taken full responsibility, given a fuller explanation and apologised again, and asked what more he’d like me to do -politely, not aggressively. I’m slightly pissed off, but I won’t show it at all because that won’t help. The whole thing is trivial in itself, but his feelings aren’t so I’m continuing to respect them

Damn bloody voluntary jobs. I wouldn’t do this sort of thing for money, you know.

However, as always, there is good news, and excuse me going on about me, me, me (whoops, this is what I do anyway, isn’t it?). My hip doesn’t hurt at all and I put my trousers on effortlessly standing up (yeah, laugh, you’ll be old one day) and didn’t have to think about the height I drew my leg up to. I’m not sure what’s gone right, and I’m not assuming it’ll stay like that, but I’m certainly going to appreciate it while it lasts.

A bit of work in the greenhouse before it’s too hot, then back to the computer, then babysitting Pugsley this afternoon. I must fit in a visit to the town for veggies and exercise, too. And maybe forty winks, later?

6 comments on “Z sleeps again

  1. badgerdaddy

    I once had a discussion by email with someone that left me feeling similar to how reading about this one made me feel. I had reviewed a music DVD and described it as ‘music for elves and people who like them’ or something equally dismissive. I stand by the review – I wasn’t attacking the musicianship, just the music. And a huge fan of this particular artist was an advertiser in the magazine, and threatened to withdraw advertising…

    I pointed out as the magazine’s editor, it’s up to me what goes into it, and a review is an opinion piece. End of.

    He bleated on and on and on… I eventually apologised, though making that apology is one of my few professional regrets. If I ever bump into him again, I shall tell him I didn’t mean it really, and I shall flick the end of his nose.

  2. weeza

    Yeah, tell it to his face (you’re outed soon so he’ll find out what you think then anyway!)

    Boo to the committees and YAY to the hip! I think it’s the glorious weather! Hope it continues xx

  3. Z

    I ventured into the 3 inch wedges this evening. I felt tall!

    Badgerdaddy, I’m all for apologising for upsetting someone, but that would have rankled with me too.

    He’s a lovely bloke and doesn’t mean to hide it. I’m cautiously building bridges now.

  4. luckyzmom

    I was fitted for a crown also on Monday.

    Last Friday at the Physical Therapist I proudly showed off how I was able to put my jeans on without pain or holding on to something. So, I empathetically am happy for you too.


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