Z is taller!!(!)

I ventured into heels today. They weren’t high, two inches or less, but I haven’t been able to wear even that height for months and it was such a pleasure. I didn’t limp more than usual and it didn’t hurt and I felt like me again. I’m short enough as it is, and wearing flat shoes all the time makes me feel glum. It’s like – well. whatever your regular finishing touch is; perfume or mascara or, I don’t know, trimming your beard or wearing pants or something. I may pay for it tomorrow, but I don’t care.

At the committee meeting wot I chair, this morning, there was a matter that I did, admittedly, push through – not going to go into it all for the protection of the innocent, but it was for good reasons. The person who had raised the matter has written to me (cc-ing the secretary) saying that I was hostile. Oh dear. I thought I was merely forceful. I have, of course, apologised profusely, said I didn’t feel in the least hostile and am upset (I am) to find he found me so, and explained why I acted as I did. I hope he’s mollified – I didn’t retract what I said, but accepted that he felt overridden. I like to be told though – if he hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have known how he felt, so it’s better that he did. I must remember to tone down, however – I know I can be overemphatic on occasion, but usually people are amused rather than upset by that and I merely embarrass myself rather than others.

Oh well. At least I have my luggage back. As I went on into London on the way home from Madrid, friends took my suitcase home with them and, not having a car, I didn’t go and fetch it and S brought it to today’s meeting. Almost afraid to open it – a couple of weeks for used clothes to stew isn’t a jolly thought.

I went to have my hair cut today, and mused on names. There were four staff members there; and it occurred to me that each of their names was absolutely typical for their age – Susan, in her 50s, Deborah, in her 40s, Joanne, just 30 and Laura, 20-something. Not that any of those names are not used at any time, but that some names reach a peak of popularity over a few years – when I was at school there were 4 Andrews out of a dozen or so boys, and as many Elizabeths*; though as we were all born in the year of the Queen’s accession or coronation, that is not surprising.

* Among the girls, need I state?

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  1. sablonneuse

    Heels – ah, how I wish. But my feet now dictate that I have to wear comfy shoes and if they are comfortable for my feet it means wide, flat sandals.


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