Z skips

The porch is cleared and cleaned and is positively echoey with emptiness.  And the latest skip has been filled with the last lot of total junk from the big barn.

If you are one of those people who keeps everything that might possibly have a little bit of life in it, please ask yourself what you’re doing it for?  Let it go, darlings, let it go.  Among the things I hauled out (and then Rose and others shifted round to and into the skip) were two oil-filled electric radiators that might have been put in there when my mother-in-law moved into the annexe in 1985 – that is, if not then, it was earlier.  Why were they not disposed of?  I don’t know.   There was also a radiant and a convection electric fire, probably put there at the same time, but they’ve never been used since and they’d been long forgotten about.  There had been no need to keep them if they weren’t to be used and, through decades of neglect, they’d become unusable anyway.   I found a bag full of old clothes, some of them mine but some were my mother’s, obviously intended for a charity shop, but they never got there.   I suspect a certain amount of lethargy was involved – easier to store than arrange for disposal, but this can’t have been the situation in every case.

Never mind, it’s done and I think that’s the last skip we’ll need.  There’s a lot more to be sorted out, but much of that is wooden, destined to be used (stored for possible future use, that is!), sawn up for burning indoors or put on a bonfire.  But not yet, we will catch up with everyday life for a bit.  And we’ve got a First Birthday party to get ready for on Saturday and a Blog Party the next weekend.

Many thanks to Lovely Tim, Roses, Lawrence and Boy for all their help.  Rose and I ache today, don’t know if the men do, but their work is hugely appreciated.


2 comments on “Z skips

  1. Glenda

    I’ve got a shed crammed from back to front. Now it’s too overwhelming a task to even start to get rid of. I sure admire your determination.

    1. Z Post author

      I know how that feels, Glenda. I avoid making a start for a long time – but once I do get going, I see it through. It’s worth it in the end – and you find stuff you’d forgotten and are really pleased to have again.


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