Birthday Boy!

Today is Rufus, my youngest grandchild’s first birthday.  And here he is, riding his birthday tricycle, which looks rather like something you get in a gym.  He’s clearly very pleased with it, anyway.  We’ve got him some Duplo Lego and a rucksack – this is a cunning bit of kit that very much appeals to the child (I know because Weeza’s two had them) and they love wearing, but there is a strap that one can hold and keep the child under one’s control.  
We haven’t done a great deal today after our exertions in the early part of the week.  There will be about 24 of us for tea tomorrow, but the forecast is fine and we’re thinking to have it on the lawn.

And then it’ll be just a week to the blog party.  There are a couple of people who said they hope to come but haven’t confirmed, so I’ll get in touch with them, but otherwise, if you haven’t said yet, then you’ll be most welcome, whether you’ve been here before or not, just please let me know and I’ll send you the address.  And there’s still a spare room or two, if you’d like to stay over.

We had a treat this evening; the first bottle of our wine from the local vineyard.  It was exceptionally good.  I bought LT membership of their wine club, which includes a dozen bottles, six of which (three each of two varieties) are only available to members.  We are also offered tours of the vineyard, but we haven’t had time to take them up on that yet.  Once the party is over, we’ll have a bit of spare time.

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  1. Z Post author

    Yes, he certainly is – and yes again, he will be at the blog party. No newcomers this year, but most of the old stagers – we’re looking forward to it.


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