Z sips hot lemon and ginger

“Don’t kiss her” said Al and Dilly simultaneously. “She’s passed her cold on to the baby, and now we think we’re getting it” added Al.

The Power of Squiffany seems to override seclusion from Granny. I have sneezed several times. I have a sore throat. It remains to be seen whether willpower and quantities of ginger overcome the effects of the cold. I do not, normally, acknowledge a cold until February, by which time I am rather ready for a couple of duvet days, dog cuddled up next to me, a blazing log fire in the grate, with a couple of books, a glass of whisky and a crossword puzzle to hand.

That reminds me, I should have downloaded the latest Tough Puzzles weeks ago. Oh, goody.

The shop went well today. Quite a busy afternoon. I had a meeting in the morning, which was also very useful, and I left the shop, soon after 5.30, hardly hobbling at all. I seem to be doing awfully well. Muscular development is particularly good and will become better, now that pumpkin season is coming in. Two large pumpkins have to be carried out in the morning and back in the evening. Of course, to be replaced as they sell.

I haven’t looked at the pumpkins in the garden recently. There are loads of butternut squashes, but I don’t know about the other sorts as I will need to wear wellies to get to them. Time to harvest soon I think.

3 comments on “Z sips hot lemon and ginger

  1. Anonymous

    Oh you lucky thing..butternut squash! It’s a rarity here and I ADORE it….just mad about it…ooooh..curried butternut soup, butternut and coriander risotto, roasted butternit and nutmeg….stuffed butternut…

    *wipes saliva off corner of mouth*

    I am also ill – what a good idea to make your own toddy…but I’d add a splash or two (or three) of cognac…

  2. jen

    you know, i have nothing in particular to say…except i like it over here. makes me feel warm inside somehow. maybe it’s the toddy, or the warm quilt, or maybe the tea (well, probably not the tea) but still. it’s cozy.


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