It’s all about humility. And there’s so much to be humble about. So we never run out of ideas.

This evening, I’m feeling better. More relaxed. I’m afraid alcohol has a lot to do with it. But so do Schubert, Tom Lehrer and cooking. Not food, as yet, just its preparation. I’m making risotto, very soothing. I’m drinking red wine, very mellow. I’m listening to Tom Lehrer. Bracing. I like sardonic humour. I expect you realise that the name of this blog is a quotation from him (blimey, I hope he doesn’t mind. I wonder if he’ll catch up with me and expect royalties. Surely Tom Lehrer is far too cool for that sort of malarky?) and I slip in little quotes quite regularly. I don’t expect you to look back and find them. If I ever do, I’ll hold a competition. The prize will be that I don’t blog for a week. Or a month, if you find more than ten quotations.*

Organ playing at church went well, considering I learned one hymn at 9.30 and played another for the first time on the organ soon after (I’ve played it on the clarinet). I go around looking capable. It’s a good front and could seem intimidating. But it isn’t, because I regularly cock up something that would be walkovers for more able people. And I look worried. It is disarming. Indeed, I am worried. Stitchwort made the absolutely valid point that Christianity is about charity, loving your neighbour and all that. And so it is. But, if any of you have ever attended a Christian service, it’s all about failing. Not being good enough. Sin. Craftily, there are not only sins of commission (what I did wrong) but sins of omission (what I didn’t do right, or could have done better) as well. Therefore, we are all doomed as impossible demands are made. This, of course, teaches humility. Humility is good.

* I reserve the right to change numbers if/when this comp is held. Up or down, whatever.

8 comments on “It’s all about humility. And there’s so much to be humble about. So we never run out of ideas.

  1. Z

    Welcome, NWMonkey. And thank you, I think. Not a typical post, but a slightly drunken one.

    Which is not untypical at all.

  2. Z

    Hi Jen. it was going to be beetroot. Beetroot risotto is such an astonishing colour that it’s worth the fact that it’s slightly too sweet. But then I remembered the freshly dug leeks reposing in the vegetable basket, so leek risotto it was. I used home-made stock, which started as the water I’d cooked gammon in, then made chicken stock of it. We did eat the beetroot too though, I cooked it separately.

    Yes, there’s half the bottle left. I actually decided, half-way through a glass, that I’d had enough and poured the rest back. What, unhygienic? Nah. Alcohol kills germs. And I’m clean. Well, I was last time I looked. Anyway, I’ll finish it tomorrow night.

  3. Anonymous

    How did you manage not to drink the bottle in its entirety….kudos dear Z – I cannot leave a drop at the bottom.

    And homemade stock? Oh my.

    *runs and hides stock cubes*


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