Z should Bustle About, but doesn’t

It’s another lovely day. In typical Norfolk fashion, we say we need rain, although we love to have the sun. Every time I go out at this time of the year I take a conscious pleasure in the hedgerows. The blackthorn, which I think must be my favourite hedgerow tree (fabulous white blossom on leaf-free branches and sloes in the autumn as a bonus) is starting to fade, and the hawthorn is in fresh pale green leaf, which will be followed in a few days by (the clue is in the name) the maytree blossom. Cowslips along the A140, magnolias in gardens, lilac just coming out. I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to go on holiday just now. Only for a week though. I trust there won’t be a sharp frost to catch the wisteria on the front of the house.

I’m eating chocolate and drinking wine. The first is v bad, the second is fine. Indeed, I was awfully pleased when the Sage accepted a glass too. Ro said “isn’t it a bit early?” “Not for lunch,” I explained, waving my smoked salmon sandwich at him. Then the Sage offered us chocolates (after the salmon). Ro refused, bemused. I think we’ve reverted to an alarming immaturity compared to him.

I’ve got a lot to do. I can’t take it seriously. Yesterday took it out of us. The Sage is gently dozing in the chair next but one to mine. The chair next to mine has three days-worth of newspapers on it that we haven’t had time to read yet.

I’m also reading Camus, L’├ętranger. I last read it in 1972, when I was about to take French A level. I have to admit, it’s using a fair bit of concentration. I’m too lazy to look up the words I don’t know, which is slightly disjointing to the story, although one can work most of it out. My French is rubbish.

9 comments on “Z should Bustle About, but doesn’t

  1. martina

    Dark chocolate is good for you! My neighbors have a hedge of holly, privet, wild rose, blackberry and who knows what else. The previous owners planted it many years ago. Anyway, they despise pruning and like mowing. I like pruning but hate mowing so we worked out a trade. Guess what I did yesterday? Congratulations on the great sale and you definitely all need to take the day off today.

  2. sablonneuse

    Good for you for tackling Camus. It’s annoying if you have to stop and look up words isn’t it? I usually try to read books in French after I’ve read an English version or if I alredy know the story. BTW there’s an award for you chez-moi.

  3. Z

    I like a wild mixed hedge and I’d rather prune than mow too. What I really hate is weeding, though.

    I re-read La Peste recently, Sandy, although in translation (I read it in French originally, but I expect I never had my own copy as it was a school set book), and it reminded me of what a fine writer he was. And thank you, i’ll hot-foot it to your place.

  4. Eddie 2-Sox

    First, all the burgeoning trees, shrubs and flowers are wonderful. Bright green is so much better than skinny brown.

    Second, Ro sounds like your own parents! Tell him to lighten up a little. We have only one life to live, so let’s live it!

  5. Z

    well to be fair, he had only just got up and it felt like breakfast time to him (1.30 pm), but I think he does find me a bit unpredictable!


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