Nearly half a granny

The sale was successful and exciting. At one point, when Weeza and I were taking bids from two people on the phone and a third was bidding in the saleroom, the Sage momentarily lost his voice and Ro had to give him some water. it was all very splendid. My bidder won, hah!

I drove Ro to work, as he was going to come to Lowestoft by train from Norwich. We left just before 7.30, he was in the office by 8 and I arrived to fetch Weeza and Zerlina in time for breakfast. It’s Zerlina’s second auction, we indoctrinate them young so that they can be put to work as soon as the start of the sale and bedtime don’t coincide. She was enchanting, and much admired. She smiles constantly, demonstrates crawling and standing on tiptoes (on all fours) and as long as she receives interesting food at regular intervals (now she is crawling, she’s constantly hungry) she is happy. Weeza took her to be weighed and measured this week. She is tall and slim – much less chubby than any of the rest of the family as babies, although she does have little rolls of chub at the top of her thighs, under her chin and the back of her neck, and she’s not thin. She’s grown much taller – I think Weeza said 77cm which is, as Weeza pointed out, “nearly half a Granny.”

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