Z should be writing

I’ve just been ordering a new toner cartridge for the printer, which cost rather more than the printer did.  Oh well.  I’ve got to have it, can’t take the inkjet printer along to our auction and wait ten minutes for the invoices to print out.  If you want any printing done, I’m your woman, I stocked up on cartridges for that too, recently, as the online firm I buy from did a super duper offer if you bought two of everything, with an extra lot of black ink thrown in (not loose, don’t worry) and 10% off for returning customers (and they are good quality cartridges, I too have fallen for cheapies and regretted it).

Otherwise, I’ve been skulking about avoiding answering emails.  I still haven’t quite got into the swing of September – that is, into any sort of working efficiency.  I’m still hankering after the lost days of leisurely summer.  I used to find it difficult to relax, I didn’t dare to because the plunge back to immersed busyness was too painful.  Now I have fewer home commitments, I’ve finally learned to switch off.  In fact, for a few brief days, I quite looked forward to getting back to business.  Silly Z.

Hm.  It transpires that I haven’t anything to say this evening after all.  I might as well just have left you with those incredible bubble photos.  Thanks to Ro for drawing them to my attention on Google+.

10 comments on “Z should be writing

  1. Macy

    Oh Z, many’s the time I’ve stood in front of printers on special offer, and calculated that it’s cheaper to buy a new printer which comes with free ink cartridges, than it is to buy the ink alone.
    Can’t bring myself to just buy a new printer everytime I run out of ink though!

  2. allotmentqueen

    I once bought a reconditioned cartridge only to open the packet and find loose ink everywhere – never again! HP know if you’ve put a non-genuine one in and refuse to tell you how much ink there is left in it.

  3. Rog

    We print out 100 sheets a week and buy toner cartridges from ebay auctions for £12-£15 which last about 6 months. Even the refilled ones are very good.

  4. Z

    What do you think of the bubbles, Dave?

    Hope you’re having a great time in Germany, LX.

    I made the mistake of getting a cartridge refill pack once, that was a mistake – they didn’t work at all and it all got quite messy. I should always ask on the blog first before buying anything, didn’t think of ebay. I will next time.

    My father had a Gestetner and spent quite some time happily duplicating things, Chris. A modern machine is rather more portable, for a start.


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