Z is feeling extremely cheerful, as well she might

People are lovely, so much of the time, don’t you think?  It’s all gone so helpfully today, when it could have been really awkward.  My upstairs tenant emailed to say that, if the gas checks could be done on Thursday, he’d be home that day – I’ve already made arrangements to go so I didn’t need to take him up on his offer, but then I had an email from my downstairs tenant to say that he hadn’t been able to arrange for the new washing machine to be delivered before he went on holiday, and now he has a new job so can’t take time off for a bit, so could I deal with it please.  So I rang John Lewis at Brent Cross, where the telephone staff are, without exception as far as I’m concerned, absolutely brilliant, bought the machine and it was agreed that I’d be phoned to book a delivery.  As, in due course, I was – and Thursday was offered, but it would have to be in the morning and (because it needs a three-man crew) they couldn’t specify a time, it might be any time from 7 am.  I can’t possibly get to London by then of course – but I knew that James upstairs would be home.

So, it’s all sorted.  I’ll leave a key when I go on Wednesday, I’ll give John Lewis instructions to phone him to let him know to come and open the flat, and then Andrew downstairs will return my key to me.  Everyone happy, all because James was so helpful.  I tell you, I’m never putting his rent up.

And the other delightful thing that happened, I had an email from Ro, asking if I’d like to go to the cinema with him tomorrow after work.  It so happens that I’ll be in Norwich all day, at a Nadfas lecture about James Whistler in the morning and then on to Weeza, to help her with looking after the baby while she cooks various dishes for the freezer.  So it will work perfectly.  I accepted with such alacrity that I forgot I’d accepted an invitation to supper with Weeza, but I’ve phoned to explain and she doesn’t mind at all.

8 comments on “Z is feeling extremely cheerful, as well she might

  1. Pat

    So glad John Lewis is keeping up to scratch.
    But what are you going to see?
    I need guidance as the cottage we are renting in October will make a flick easy.

  2. Z

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It was very good, but pretty hard to follow – remember the TV series? Not quite as difficult, as there was the added problem of weekly episodes. Very good acting and it all tied up by the end, but it needed concentration from the start!


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