Z sees the Nobs, as well as Silver Threads

Today, Dilly and the children and I went to the Sandringham Flower Show. This part of Norfolk is where the smart people live (Nobs, not Knobs, of course). Indeed, Charles and Camilla (as we Yobs familiarly refer to them) were driven in their horse-drawn carriage a mere three yards from us. They looked very fine.

Despite a couple of rainy spells, it was a most jolly day and we had fun. I particularly appreciated the fact that the flower and produce was of usual local growers’ standard and not absolutely professional – this splendid effort notwithstanding. It was a little windy by the time we were ready to leave. As Squiffany was climbing into the car, she suddenly decided a final visit to the lavatory was necessary. While they were gone, I looked in the mirror.

Something of a mistake. But worse was to come, when I combed my hair and looked closer

Oh, bum.

12 comments on “Z sees the Nobs, as well as Silver Threads

  1. Z

    Grey, silver … but I want to be naturally blonde!

    Nevertheless, you are both lovely and kind.

    A slightly anxious Eye, don’t you think?

  2. Z

    Dave, you are such a charmer. And kind with it.

    Dharmabum, it seems that you are the man of the moment!

    I like it that even though that is a splendid veg basket, the cucumber is not perfect.

  3. badgerdaddy

    There is fear in that eye…

    SLF keeps finding grey hairs on me. I’m really excited, because they’re on the sides, above my ears. I’m going to look like a badger. Occasionally, I ask her to count them to see if I have any more.

    I think grey… erm, silver hair rules.

  4. Blue Witch

    Hairdresser BW says that pulling out hairs without pigment (which is what they actually are) is futile as two will grow in the place of each one. She’s correct, of course, because one pulls them out and there are always more the next day.


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