Making plans

I mentioned that I’m having a day in London, with El and Phil. I’m taking the 4.17 train tomorrow afternoon, which will arrive about 6 and then we will meet for a drink before going out for dinner. On Saturday, we’re going to the Gormley exhibition – back there, in my case, but I really want to go again.

Until yesterday, we hadn’t planned the rest of the day, but I’d had my eye on the Heath Robinson exhibition here, for I have found his drawings most entertaining all my life. My father was a fan, so I grew up with them. I’m not sure if my daughter even knows this, but I arrived home last night to find an email from her suggesting the very same exhibition. Isn’t that splendid?

Then, we’ll toddle down to the British Museum and take a gander at this.

Later, we’ll have an early meal at an Indian restaurant they like which is not far from their flat, and I’ll take the 8.30 train home. I have nothing at all to do on Sunday, for once, but maybe Ro will let me play with him on his Wii…

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  1. AFC 30K

    It sounds like it’s going to be very interesting and good fun. Even living as close as I do, and working in London for 2 1/2 years, I never go, sightseeing, or do anything culturally.

    I think now that I have a son I will have to show him the delights the Capital has to offer.

    I never had the chance as a child as I lived so far away, but I do feel in a way that I’ve missed out on something. A fact that I shall have to remidy in time.

  2. Z

    It gets even better – I’ll take some home-laid eggs, El will get in bacon and sausages etc and it’ll be a full English for Saturday breakfast

  3. Z

    It’s hard to fit everything in, especially with a baby. I remember when my daughter first lived in London she didn’t get out to galleries and concerts much, as her job and daily life was as much as she could deal with. Now, coming up to 8 years there, she and Phil go out a lot. And the museums (not the special exhibitions of course) are free, too

  4. martina

    It sounds like a lot of fun-especially the breakfast! Is Mr. Robinson the English equivalent of American Rube Goldberg? He also did drawings of complex devices to do simple tasks. Oh to be able to draw like that…

  5. Z

    That’s right, Martina, although I didn’t know who Rube Goldberg was and had to google him! Funny that each is so well known in his own country but hasn’t crossed the Atlantic at all

    Fabulously imaginative and witty. I bought Railway Ribaldry, one of HR’s books, for the Sage for our first Christmas together (or possibly his birthday, my memory for sentiment only goes so far)


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