Z sees her time Slipping Away

Oh crumbs. And to think that only yesterday I said to Dave that I was a bit busy, so not building the wall next month would suit me rather well. This morning, just when we were very occupied examining china for the condition report, the phone rang. The Person at the other end was asking if the Sage could do a valuation of a very large and rather splendid collection of china (which we had been reminding the People Concerned needed doing for about three years). It needs to be done urgently and at as low a cost as possible. They aren’t sure if there is still the inventory that we did nearly nine years ago.

Next week is out of the question, the Sage mentioned, but we could make a start the week after. He’d have to check a few things first though, and he’d phone back within half an hour. He rang M. M reckoned he had a copy of the inventory, if not the previous valuation, but he pointed out that the collection is open to the public every afternoon, including Sundays, for the next two months.

Nevertheless, the Sage rang back offering a very low fee and to do the job asap – but he wants a firm commitment that he will be paid (I’ll not explain this, it’s not a matter of lack of honour but lack of cash, and People Concerned are trying to sort things out) and it transpires that the chap holding the purse strings is on holiday until next week anyway.

They want photographs too *of course* which is fine, as we’d have to open the cabinets anyway; you don’t value things without handling them as they tell you about themselves when you hold them. Sorry, I’m not being fanciful, truly. You might know what I mean and if not, er, stroke something you care about and see if that extra sense adds to the way you respond to it. It works on any level…Oh look, come back, I didn’t mean it that way. Unless that’s what works for you. Whatever, You see my point, which is an elevated and academic one with a sensuous (not a sensual) element.*

Anyway, when I said ‘make as start’ the week after next, I didn’t mean my time is free. I don’t have more than two free days any week, and that’s without having made arrangements at the high school for music, but taking in the dumping of non-essential commitments. It has to be in daylight because of the photos. And there’s always the matter of the members of the public potentially milling around. Screens?

I may not have mentioned that I’m taking over the shop next week as Al and co are on holiday. After that, I’m looking after the children a couple of days a week while Dilly is working,. Dilly wondered if they are asking too much, in view of this latest thing. I said that family things come first. And it’ll be fine. As it will. I just won’t be doing any housework from now on. That’s fine, a month’s dust takes no more time to remove than a week’s.

I suppose that they may declare the Sage’s ludicrously low fee is too high, but no one else will do it for that money because we care. No, really, we do.

I’m going to stop now, before I weep into my – oh gosh, it’s empty, how did that happen? – wine glass.

Oh, I nearly forgot – by the time we had had two more phone calls and two visitors – one expected and more than welcome and one a delivery of flowers to the wrong address – boo – we put them right, – boo – we didn’t complete the condition report either. The weekend is the deadline. That’s okay.

*sorry, I’m drowning my anxieties

10 comments on “Z sees her time Slipping Away

  1. Z

    I just hope I got it the right way round. Still, Kent Cobs are in season. No one who likes nuts can be discontented when faced with a bowl of Kent Cobs and a nutcracker. Even if the bottle is *cough* nearly half empty.

  2. jAMiE

    I liked what you said about the dust…i’ll have to pass that bit of wisdom on to my sister, she is a bit of a ‘clean freak’ i’m afraid.

    Take care, enjoy the wine…


  3. Z

    Time was, Jamie, when I said that a day’s dust took no more time to remove than a week’s – I’ve relaxed since then!

  4. Z

    You’re right, Martina. I don’t bother once they are dried, but freshly picked they are irresistible.

    Empty, Dandelion, empty. Not even the greatest optimist can put a positive spin on that.

  5. Dave

    I am so glad that my offer to postpone wall-building until the spring turns out to have been a positive step.

    There is little point dusting. It only needs doing again next year.

  6. Z

    You are a man of tact and finesse, Dave.

    I aspire to the Quentin Crisp ideal of housekeeping, but I have not quite achieved it yet.

  7. Z

    “After the first four years the dust doesn’t get any worse. It’s just a question of holding your nerve” was his rule, in the unlikely event that any of you hasn’t come across it.

    The print in comments is tiny today, has anyone else found that? No time to check it out now, sorry if you’re getting eyestrain but I haven’t done anything.


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