Z and the Bearded Gentlemen

I was surprised. I had expected a certain chaos, but was ushered into a pristine and elegant room. There were, indeed, piles of cardboard boxes in the rooms off, but they were neatly and purposefully stacked. It recalled to my mind our move to this house. I stayed in L’toft to supervise operations back there and then followed on. I found a virtually empty house. The Sage had had everything stacked in the garages so that he couldn’t possibly have put anything in the wrong room. I did mention that some things, like saucepans and clothes – and, indeed wardrobes – are a bit obvious, but it was too late by then. Some things are still out there, 22 years later. Yes, I do miss them. No, I can’t fetch them. There’s stuff stacked in front of the doors.

Dave showed us round his house, which is remarkably well bathroomed and beautifully painted. The garden is splendid – well, it isn’t, it is rather bare with a thoroughly plantained lawn, but it has potential to be lovely, with the advantage of little that *must* be kept, so Dave will be able to use his talents for garden design.

Drew was already there when I arrived, but Murph wasn’t able to come, being in need of a rest after the excitement of travelling the M62. I used to travel along it too, when Ro was at university. It was usually foggy on the eastern side. Well, I suppose it’s the east, it’s the side on my right on my way north. I did, however, see the towel-lined plastic box in which Lily travels, sitting on Drew’s knees.

After our tour of the house, and having inspected all those bathrooms, Dave’s bedroom (also fully furnished and tidy) and the cupboard under the stairs (amazingly roomy), we sat down and took tea. It turns out that Drew, too, is interested in wall-building. I think it should be a bloggers’ wall and everyone who has a part in its building can sign their name. However, both Dave and I agree that we’re rather pushed for time this autumn. May is a good month for building a wall, don’t you think?

10 comments on “Z and the Bearded Gentlemen

  1. Z

    Yes you may. And it will go in pride of place. The Sage also has certain bricks that must be placed appropriately, which were part of a stately home not far away that was demolished some 50 years ago. I do not have a special brick, but I should look out for one, shouldn’t I?

    After the wall is built, there will be scope for a planting session too. Maybe that would be an excuse for another party?

  2. Z

    That’s all right, we’ll name a brick after you. It could be like at theatres and suchlike, where every brick has a name on it. Not that sponsorship is required in this instance of course.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank goodness no sponsorship is required Z. The City did something like that for a public place many years ago and it cost $60 per tile. Now the tiles are all needing to be replaced because of the foot traffic over them. It must be demoralizing to see a tile with your name on it, with a big crack or gash taken out of it.


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