Z sees friends

A flying visit to London today, to see friends over from Madras for a few days. It’s nearly three years since I last met them, when I was last over there. They had a business appointment in the middle of the day and this was the only day my sister and I could manage, but at least we had a good hour together. Afterwards, Wink and I met El and briefly visited her office to have a discreet gawp before having lunch together. Then we trotted into Fortnums, reminisced for a few minutes about the griottes en cognac (brandied cherries in chocolate) that we always had at Christmas time, and that I’d break my diet and she would break her non-chocolate eating resolve for one (though we didn’t) before we went off to browse round the bookshop.

Outside, there were whole lots of people in a good-natured queue. Upstairs, there were several dozen more, most of them sitting on the floor leaning on the bookshelves. It seems that young L*w*s H@m1lt0n, having ‘written’ a rather precocious autobiography, was turning up at 4.30 for a booksigning. Two hours earlier than that, there were about 150 people keenly waiting.

I was vastly happy, when we parted, to find myself hopping on a Routemaster bus, complete with helpful conductor. I thought they’d all gone. It finished the day nicely.

I keep saying that when I come to London I’ll see if any of you lovely friends are free to meet up, but there wasn’t time – this was arranged at short notice and I had to give my Indian friends priority as it is such a flying visit. The only day I have free for the rest of the month is the 23rd, which is a Friday. Any good to anyone? If you’d care to form a disorderly queue, I’d be thrilled.

11 comments on “Z sees friends

  1. luckyzmom

    I would love to visit England again. Maybe with my dearest friend who lived there 20 or so years ago when her husband was stationed at Lakenheath,AB. Not the 23rd though! Maybe the next November 23rd or so?

  2. Z

    Were you? I’m glad you were able to meet up, because you’re off soon over the water, aren’t you.

    My sister has been friends with K since 1969 and she and her daughters and s-i-l are here just for a few days. Her lovely husband died last year.

    Dave, charmingly put.

  3. Ad

    If I have some free time and make it south as I have promised myself, more times than I care to recall, that would be fine and dandy.


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