The Sage acquires a daughter

I had a meeting in Norwich this morning, and in the afternoon the Sage had an appointment in Wildest Suffolk and I went with him for the pleasure of his company. Apart from the fact that the people we went to see got it in their heads that I was his daughter, they having spoken to El on the phone last week, all went well. After trying to explain a couple of times, we accepted the situation and went along with it – though not to the extent of calling my husband “Dad”.

We came home by the scenic route, and very lovely it was. My unscheduled taxi ride through Essex last month showed me some delightful villages, and so there are in Suffolk too. Lots of old cottages, sympathetically looked after without being too neatened up, with trees and hedgerows around the fields. It was a pleasure.

It’s getting a bit nippy though.

Only a week ago I was saying complacently that I had caught up with most of my work. I’ve fallen behind again now, and I’ll be out every day for the rest of the week. There won’t be much time for blogging, I don’t think. Unless I get up early, of course.

12 comments on “The Sage acquires a daughter

  1. Z

    Dave, I will take that as a charming compliment, as well as a helpful suggestion. Unfortunately, it’s already too late to act upon it today.

  2. PI

    One of MTL’s presents was a Norwich University scarf – maybe because a grand-daughter is there.
    Sounds as if you are sleeping better now; if not that is when you can blog. I like being helpful me:)

  3. luckyzmom

    I have always admired your high level of activity. It hasn’t seemed to slow down your conversation with us before.

    I too was, unexpectedly, taken for a much younger age a couple of days ago. What a boost that was, wasn’t it? I am getting ready to write a post about it.

  4. Z

    I am busy in bursts, wildly lazy in between.

    I am fortunate to have had children young (by today’s standards) so that people think I am older than I am and therefore looking quite good for it, and to have an older husband, for the same reason. To be thought to be younger than my age is a bonus!


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