Z seems to have made a terrible mistake

This morning, we were driving in the rain to the next town for me to go to the bank to change the name on my account.  “I suppose,’ said my husband, “that this is the tail end of Angus.”  Which is the name given to the first storm of the winter.

“And thereby,” he added, “angus tale.”

I was going at 30 miles per hour.  I couldn’t even throw him out of the car.

Having checked with my solicitor that there’s nothing illegal about hanging on to my previous surname whilst also changing my name to a new one, she sent me a cheque that was sizeable enough to want to pay it in promptly, in my new name, which is the reason we drove to Beccles. And two counters were open and there were two people at the customer service desks too, and there was a huge queue; or rather, two queues.  We were there about three-quarters of an hour and my own business took little more than five minutes.  Yet Barclays shut their busy branch in Yagnub so that everyone has to go elsewhere when there are financial matters to deal with.

Still, it’s done and, it has to be said, LT has many good qualities.  But his jokes…..

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