Crowning glory

My teeth seem to be one thing or the other.  Half of them have no fillings at all and the other half, the back ones, have been through a fair bit of drilling and filling over the years.  I’m sorry to say that they were convenient nutcrackers on occasion, when I was a child, and it didn’t do them any good in the long run.  And in recent years, I’ve had to have a few of them crowned.  And the latest one was today, having had the fitting and temporary crown a fortnight ago.

When I got home, we went out to lunch – LT and I aim to go out about once a week for a meal and it’s usually lunch.  I took him to a local pub where they have an inglenook with a splendid log fire.  When Mike and Ann came and took me out, they being two of the loveliest people I know, a few months after Russell died, that was where we went because I knew they did good home-cooked food and there was a nice proper pub atmosphere.  And indeed, in traditional country manner, all the drinkers at the bar turned and stared as we went in.

Some years ago, I was chatting to the sister of a friend at some social event and she told me that her son used to work in Japan and had married a young Japanese woman.  In time, they came back to London to live and she adjusted reasonably well, but she didn’t care to be out of the city.  They came to visit his parents, who thought it would be a good idea to take her to a typical country pub and she was very upset to be stared at when they went in.  She didn’t believe them when they said it wasn’t because she was Oriental, it was just because she didn’t live in the village and it wasn’t meant to be unfriendly in any case.  I’ve often wondered if the marriage lasted – if it has done, I suspect they went back to live in Japan.  But I’ll probably never know.

We’re going to view an auction tomorrow.  But I’m absolutely not going to be tempted to bid on anything.

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